Twitter Working On The Save For Later Feature To Easily Bookmark Tweets

Following the announcement of longer 280 character tweets, Twitter is working on a save for later feature and has revealed that it is developing a bookmarking feature to save tweets. A highly requested and obvious feature, one product manager at the company today shared an early prototype Referred to as “Save for Later,” Twitter product manager Jesar Shah revealed the feature, noting that many want the ability to easily and privately save Tweets for later without scheduling them.

Many have turned to liking and Retweeting to bookmark, with others even direct messaging themselves to save tweets. The former option is invasive in that one might not want to broadcast the save to the tweeter, while the latter along with using third-party bookmarking services like Pocket,buffer,hoot suite require more effort, unlike twitter’s top most competitor Facebook that has the save for later feature available to Facebook pages thus users only have to schedule their posts and post later.

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Previously twitter through its now official Tweet deck availed users with the save for later and post scheduler features but not popularly used since many users worldwide depend on their high end mobile devices to compose and use the platform while no tweet deck mobile alternative was released.

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