Uber now allows you to appreciate a driver with its new tipping feature

Uber riders are now able to tip drivers at the end of a trip – thanks to a new tipping feature the company launched today. The tipping feature allows riders to do more than just rate drivers but show their appreciation through tips for excellent service. Uber plus major Boda hailing apps usually calculate a low fare for drivers and with this new feature a rider can add another smile to the driver with extra cash to his account.

Tips from riders head directly to the driver’s wallet and as per Uber’s policy, tips don’t carry any service charges. However, the new feature is 100% optional to riders and its only accessible via the trip ratings section meaning its the 6th star that has always missed on the 5stars bar.

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How to tip your Uber driver

  • Download the latest version of the app.
  • At the end of your trip, add a tip after rating your trip. Select from a range of pre-set amounts or enter a custom amount.

  • Tap Done to send your tip.

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  • Tips will go directly to the driver-partner, Uber will not deduct any service fees from the tips.Uber Boda18

Paying for the Tip credited to your Driver

Though Uber has a straight cash approach with credit payments have low light shade on them unlike its competitors like SafeBoda. It’s tipping feature which is the first of its kind in the industry only accepts payment using a credit/debit card since its what Uber supports with plans to roll out support for Mobile money payments.

The new Uber tip feature is basically one of the best features we’ve always wanted o see come true in a season where hailing services are all competing for the top slot driving less income to the drivers. Hence, its a win-win for drivers and a solution to riders who have always wanted to tip drivers at the end of a trip.

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