Uber Launches Credit Cards for easy payments and free rides to users

Uber has today announced their latest release of credit cards which it shall issue out to its users where they will enjoy free rides from credit card credits and Uber shopping all done on the visa credit cards. This initiative is aimed at improving users experience and commitment to the world’s most popular transport app which operates over 10 million trips a day worldwide,thus making it a promise to improve the users experience together with the drivers as well for a great transition into the world’s number 1 transport solution.

The new Uber Visa credit card

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Applying for the credit card is relatively easy since users will be able to get their cards right within the app and will use the current registered information to issue the card,A free of charge credit card is whats issued by Uber which plans to collect riders information as they both use the card with their trips recorded as well for  data collection purposes.Furthermore riders will earn free points each time they use the credit card on trips and purchasing of Uber eats available in the Us and selected countries. In the first 90 days if a rider uses over $500 (approx ugshs 1.8m) Uber will reward them with over $100 as free credit for using the credit card and has other discounted offers on selected restaurants and shopping centers.Remember you can also get free rides here

Uber Credit Cards Availability

According to Uber these Visa credit cards will be available from November 2nd in selected countries where it legally operates and has a great base of customers like in the United states where it originates from,However all information collected by Uber shall not be sold to any third party companies that are mainly intrested in the users behavior’s and interests but suprisengly customer’s private information is likely to be safe guarded by Uber since it plans not to share collected data from its yet to be used Visa credit cards.

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