Uber resumes operations in Uganda, But with Limited options

The Uber App

Uber Uganda has today resumed operations with limited options on its drivers’ schedule map. The announcement was made by Uber earlier today through a broadcast email to active customers and riders.

Due to the current COVID19 Pandemic, Uber has only resumed its Taxi-hailing wing and continues to mute its Boda wing. However, if the Lockdown continues south and 2Wheel Motorbikes meet an open terminal, Uber Boda will also be resumed.

Unlike Safeboda which has continued to operate by utilizing its Food delivery and parcel delivery wing, UberBoda only operates with the newly launched UberConnect that allows customers to send packages in Uganda.

With Uber Taxi trailing as the only resumed option, the option has also been trimmed to only Uber X leaving Uber XL in a ditch. This is due to a 2Passengers directive by Government, further clarified by Uber through its Notice:

During this period you can still access the UberX option which will continue to be available on the Uber app. Please note that The President has directed that no more than 2 passengers can be transported at once – so please bear this in mind if you are requesting with a group of people.

During normal operations, Uber X is limited to 4 passengers due to car specifications. But with the new limitation, each car will be authorized to carry only 2 passengers to respect the social distancing policy.

As Uber takes its operations live, we expect rival providers like Bolt (Formerly Taxify), Little Cab and Mondo ride to borrow the lifted Lockdown streak to resume normal operations in Uganda.

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