Uber planning to launch self driven cars in EastAfrica

Uber has today revealed plans of introducing self driven cars to Africa as already launched in the United states where a few cars were tested to carry out trips with only a driver seated to manually control in case of any miscalculations,With the recent production of self driving cars by top car companies Uber is set to launch its own in the near future as promised by Janet East Africa head communications who furthermore said that drivers are also going to benefit through the futuristic innovations since the artificial intelligence driven cars can never be 100% correct and would need human assistance thus low pressure on the drivers who opt to monitor the car movements or manually take over.

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In a closed door press meet up at Kampala Serena hotel Uber also briefed the general public about the new features and rates which favor all riders together with earning more credits for the drivers. They are over 48000 riders in Kampala and Entebbe alone whereas they are millions of riders in Kenya and Tanzania where Uber started out before expanding to more countries with plans to launch in Rwanda.

The future of self driving cars is a come to life innovation which started out in San Francisco when Uber decided to test the KIA cars if they would suitabely carryout trips effectively with no guidance,during this time technology embedded in Uber’s self driven cars was revealed as in the YouTube video

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Various car manufacturing companies promised to support Uber in improving the world’s transport sector and reducing the number of cars on roads to 90%,with plans to launch these futuristic cars in Africa,many people wont have to wait for normal commuter taxis but rather switch to their phone and request for a ride at their own comfort.Furthermore Uber is planning to license the future driven vehicles planned to launch in East Africa in the near years for better transport.

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