UCC DECLARES A 7Day Grace Period For Everyone To Verify their Simcards With National IDs

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Ugandans and all foreigners have been given a 7day Ultimatum to verify their simcards using National identification cards for the Ugandans and Passports for Non-Ugandans whereas for students they are required to use their parents National Ids accompanned by their birth certificates inorder to fully register their simcards or else they shall be registered.
This was agreed upon by UCC’s Executive Director Mr Godfrey Mutabazi among other UCC officials in a closed door meeting with the police IGP Gen.Kale Kayihura and various service providers from different telecom companies who agreed that due to the increased crime rate arising from the use of unregistered simcards and multiple identities all used to threaten people’s lives and corn several people on phone which has always increased the number of reported crimes countrywide, Thus according to UCC this move is directed to reducing on the increased crime rates arising from the use of mobile phones in Uganda.

Kale Kayihura shakes hands with UCC executive director Godfrey Mutabazi 679x415
UCC ED Godfrey Mutabazi welcomes IGP Kale Kayihura at UCC headquaters Bugolobi

Speaking to Jounalists Mr Godfrey Mutabazi the UCC Executive Director says although UCC had earlier directed all telecom companies to deactivate all unregistered simcards,they have further directed all telecom service providers to encourage their customers to re-register their simcards with National IDs and further make sure each customer is entitled to only 1 simcard per telecom company inorder to avoid fraudlet customers who may tend to register may simcards using one single national ID which exposes majority of customers to corn men on the go.

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Sim cards 1
Godfrey Mutabazi & IGP at Bugolobi based UCC

A sneak peak into the progress of the sim registration project from the previous years shows that ever since UCC gave this directive to the public that each and every person had to posses a registered simcard inorder to make calls and access data services via the local telecom companies in Uganda, Majority of telecom customers adhired to this directive but still unregistered simcards were still being sold out their on the streets meaning that a person would buy a simcard and simply use it without even registering it in the first place and these are simcards that have been used by con men to steal people and promote fraud in the country over voice calls.

With this Directive currently from UCC what’s your thought? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below

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