Uganda telecom and WIOCC announced a partnership aimed at improving UTL’s internet speeds that will deliver more capacity for the users together with relatively affordable prices for internet usage. In a closed door partnership meeting UTL promised to give its customers reliable internet speeds together with very affordable rates bundled all together for better user satisfaction according to UTL’s Otaremwa Otuhumirize.

UTL’s announcement has far proved its future plans amidst its doom where it was known as the dead network that had the poorest internet around the country amidst being the backbone ISP for most telecom companies in Uganda.However in a closed door session at Serena Hotel with WIOCC where Mr Otaremwa said the announcement comes at a time when the ICT challenges in Uganda come are based on affordable internet rates and thus the partnership will help setup high capacity broadband,fibre optic among other connectivity means to the population.

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The Uganda Government in the past months had summoned UTL’s administration over misuse of funds and poor connectivity and thus they wanted all Ugandans to have UTL sim cards since its the national network by the government which move boosted works at Uganda telecom to improve their service standards generally to server the public in order to help government pass a law that will see subscribers grow to this mother network.

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