Telecom companies introduce new solutions to address increased airtime rates

The recent statistics in Uganda show that over 15 million people rely poses mobile phones for their day to day activities. Telecom companies recently came out to reduce claims of increasing airtime rates as some vendors implicated,Through press releases giant Telecom companies Mtn, Airtel alerted customers that airtime prices are still constant.

Airtime vendors in Uganda increased airtime prices with claims of high taxation with little or no profit back when a customer purchases airtime. Speaking to some of the mobile money attendants in Mukono district, Ntv Uganda discovered that indeed wholesalers increased airtime prices a move that affects retailers who in return impose the extra fees to clients.

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Mtn Uganda issued out an official press release about the airtime rates in order to refuce claims of increased taxes. However leaked printed mtn vouchers indicated that prices had changed from 500 to 600 ugshs respectively adding a single shilling to every airtime value. In addition Airtel also urged customers to purchase airtime from their airtel money accounts to avoid being cheated,togethet with  ChNce to win big from the newly revives Yoola amajja campaign .

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