Uganda’s very own Safeboda is now available in Kenya

Safeboda is Uganda is very own king of the motorbikes. For the past few years, the brand has made a name for its very own professional motorbike drivers nodding a stop signal on every traffic light. Nicknamed as the Uber for Motorbikes, you can barely miss views of a Safeboda bike for every 5 minutes in Kampala and the service is now live in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Having received a warm limelight in Uganda. Safeboda’s emergence in Kenya is something every rider must be happy to see. While Uber and Taxify boda posses steady interests in the Swahili speaking nation. Safeboda may transform its Ugandan success into a stable opportunity for a steady rule in Kenya.

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We all so it coming, we all heard about the Safeboda move to Kenya. However, the Uber for Motorbikes seems to have had an expedited revolution after its Mpesa interaction to the app. Earlier this Week the company made it official and spread its expansion rumors out loud in East Africa with its orange flag flying out high to Nairobi.

The competition Safeboda will battle against in Kenya

Safeboda Kenya is the new kid on the block we must say. But, Taxify boda already spread its wings flying high in the region long before safeboda. Therefore, Safeboda Kenya will have to meet tight competition from its Ugandan 2nd in rule for the boda hailing podium. Kenyan brands like Maramoja tried their luck in the business and failed. But with Safeboda’s move to the country’s capital, It’s by no doubt that broad daylight is up to its way in the region.

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Uber boda which by the way leads the 3rd place on the podium in Uganda is rumored to also launch its service in Kenya following Safeboda & Taxify boda within the region. The boda-boda sector for the past years was known for the worst behaviors and strategies on the road. However, with all these Motorbike hailing services with a hand in the sector, traveling on a Motorbike through the region seems to be the greatest order of the day.

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