COVID19: People set fire on UK 5G Towers over conspiracy theories

Corona Virus alias COVID 19 is on its bullish peak after the United States registered an all-time high for any country in the world. While UK has also registered bullish spikes in the virus spread countrywide. New conspiracy theories have resulted into damage of 5G cell towers in the country.

According to BBC, several incidents have been reported in Birmingham, Melling, and Liverpool. People in the reported areas set fire on 5G and non-5G towers in submission of Corona Virus theories spread in the region.

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“I’m absolutely outraged and disgusted that people would be taking action against the infrastructure we need to tackle this emergency,” the NHS Director Stephen Powis said in a press conference.

Apparently, people believe that the strength of 5G signals easily boosts the spread of airborne germs including COVID19, and theories that 5G radiations damage body cells.

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However, fact has it that 5G electromagnetic radiations are far below average levels, contrary to the theory that states the technology as a body cells damaging factor.

By the time People started setting blazes on 5G towers, theorists quoted a research paper that claims bacteria produces electromagnetic signals that to with other bacteria.

The research paper is believed to have spark the human intervention, although facts have it that viruses don’t produce electromagnetic signals not even the current SARS-COV-2 version of Corona Virus.

Scientists in the UK further confirmed that 5G networks are not a contributing factor to the rise of coronavirus in the region as an independent fact-checking charity has also marked the theories as fake news.

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