User Identity app TrueCaller is set to partner with telecoms and startups in Africa to improve mobile security

TrueCaller is one of the most downloaded apps on the play store after its caller identification system became a popular norm in the corporate circles. Sooner or later TrueCaller will be one of the most used apps in Africa with support from telecoms and popular startups trailing up user data for key identification.

With a fist leaked roll out to Rwanda, TrueCaller may stretch to the hilly area first before any other African state as the director of business development inked their plans to solve problems in Rwanda.

“We are trying to figure out ways we can be relevant. We have been talking to a number of partners such as telcos and start-ups. There are plans for us to partner with local startups and players. We want to work with locals where we bring in our expertise but work with locals.  I feel that Rwanda is the best case study to use, it’s a growing market, tech-savvy, there are processes and the government helps out in the ecosystem,” Hersi is quoted as saying by The New Times in an interview on the sidelines of an Africa Tech Summit in Kigali last week.

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How TrueCaller will improve mobile security in Africa

TrueCaller is well known as an identification app than a calls replacement for smartphones. The app retrieves 2 names of the calling number to clearly identify the other person on the phone.

If TrueCaller succeeds in partnering with telecom companies, it would mean registration data for phone owners would be retrieved to the app for prior identification by the service. Either way, callers with hidden numbers can still be identified by the App once it’s fully active on a phone.

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The point of mobile security in Africa is a disease that has never had a cure since mobile money fraud has a shooting high histogram indicating more cases via phone calls.

So, with true caller fraudsters will be unmasked if telcos feed the right info to the app administrators and this could be the right chance to improve tackle security since hacks are everywhere including Whatsapp that is vulnerable to attacks.

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