Want to replace your lost simcard, UCC has sparked off a fresh new registration exercise

The Uganda communications commision a body responsible for telecom and media regulations in the country together with all sort of cyber-related policies has again sparked off a whole new beginning for the sim card registration. While everyone was scared of the whole sim replacement issue, Its about time to get going with new directions and policies to telecom companies.

UCC received sim card scan machines a few days back and since then it has not looked back on renewing customers sim cards. Adding to the already known beliefs, MTN and Airtel have already flagged off the sim registration exercise at all selected service centers.

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[irp posts=”2548″ name=”UCC officially bans sale of new sim cards across all networks here is why”]

The telecoms regulator UCC not only distributed the said national ID readers but also has set tough conditions for all customers willing to replace their sim cards. Additionally, police letter will be required at all certified service centers in order to replace any form of sim card of any network.

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