Whatsapp Gold and what you should know about it

Whatsapp Gold is one of the top most alternatives best known allover the world where users believe they can achieve more features and better themes in a golden way as the name states.Over the years Whatsapp has received many mods that reflect the actual application but with far better added features and maximised functions including the default upload sizes doubled, furthermore these mods provide free themes, effective encryption features all aimed at creating a high functionality yet free alternative. Whatsapp Gold over the years has been the users most searched alternative which exposed many devices to malware distributed by scam websites providing false download links, this in return exposed and threatened many users from downloading this mod which has both prons and cons once downloaded.

Whatsapp Gold's chat window

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  • Eye catching gold theme look
  • Lots of emoji s for better chats

This known scam only has a few prons as compared to the cons which are more than many for this top notch malware that has always been twisted over time to trick users into downloading it, In addition Whatsapp plus is the alternate name that was as well used to trade this golden version mod but instead impersonating other developed mods since all these are open source projects that can be edited,viewed by everyone via GPU licensed websites.

Whatsapp Gold Cons

  • Pure malware to track your device performance and probably infect the victim’s phone
  • Developed by Indian scammers to act as spyware
  • Can crash your phone
  • Your phone will be rooted from nowhere making it vulnerable to threats
  • Whatsapp Gold can disable the original security patches making chats visible by attackers

The official Whatsapp Gold website will give you an option to download the app but only with an aim of promoting pure malware to the victims device.In reference to this app’s privacy statement they clearly state that Whatsapp is no way featured or has rights over the version’s usage which shows that its purely standalone and not an official mod recommended by android developers.However their are many alternatives you can use to access Whatsapp safely without your private information being vulnerable to spyware and third parties.

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