Whatsapp’s New Update And What You Need To Know About It

Whatsapp messenger oldversions became Obsolote On 6/3/2017 after a previous update of It’s status and security feature where users can now update multiple statuses and also receive comments from contacts who actually read their status updates.Thus for every Whatsapp user they are required to update to the latest version.

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Whatsapp has been notifying users about this for the past few weeks,majority of whatsapp were notified 7 days prior to requiring the crutial update of their app.
many users have trashed the new whatsapp update where the status is similar to that of facebook and contacts are able to comment with their reaction about the specific update made.

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The whatsapp update is a must have and amidst the negative reactions from various whatsapp users,Users should adhire to the changes in this leading instant messaging app which has grew popularity from the recent years.If you are blockedout from using whatsapp simply go to GooglePlaystore and update your whatsapp Or Incase your android device does not have a play store enabled or is using the native android market head over to third party providers such as Mobogenie,9apps Which are some of the leading 3rd party app markets alongside play store meaning you can get an app from them but may need to adjust your android device permissions to allow non-google play apps to be installed on your device simply by downloading the appropriate apk(Android application file).Preferably If you wish to download the whats app update directly to your phone head over to Whats app’s Official Website and download according to your device type and model.For Apple IOS users Simply head over to the apple store/iTunes to update your whats app for absolutely free without Incuring any costs since Whatsapp is free.

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Whatsapp is a free therefore you should not be scared of having to pay any fees in order to use whats app messenger,Various smartphone users can miss have a whats app app on their phone ,On a scale of 100 people 99% of smartphone holders have installed whats app on their phones meaning whats app has grown popularity replacing the previously popular Viber which had grew in popularity due to its voice calls but then Whatsapp also introduced the voice calls feature which gave many whats app users a question of doubt whether they should trash their Viber and remain with one app to do all.

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IMO which is another awesome Instant messaging app was popular for its awesome fast Video calling together with voice calling and instant messaging which in the years made many people shift away from Skype to IMO in-order to enjoy the hustle free super clear video calls.Around mid 2016 Whatsapp borrowed this idea since many users were demanding for a video call feature and due to high user demand Whatsapp messenger introduced the video calls feature which again diverted people from the popular IMO app to Whatsapp Giving them no doubt that Whatsapp is by far the best instant messaging app they can install on their phones fro simple and hustle free communications.

Share with us your thoughts in the comment section as a regular/beta Whatsapp user about this new awesome update that is required for each and every user to Adhire to.

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