SMADAV: The AntiVirus you should avoid Installing on your computer

Smadav is one of the most downloaded anti-virus software picking its popularity streak from one-on-one recommendations, if not online sources. However, Smadav is one of those software pieces you shouldn’t try to Install on your computer and we discover why.

Free But Not Free

The Free Antivirus wing is dominated by big brands like AVG, Avira, Avast, BitDefender among others as some of the best alternatives against malware and viruses on computers, and smartphones.

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However, Smadav AntiVirus kicks-in as another free version, but holds a premium wing if you pay the Pro fee similar to any other software in the same category.

Unlike malware cleaners and anti-virus software, Smadav turns into a malware source if you fail to upgrade to its Pro version. In simple terms, a free antivirus, file corrupter, but a pay to clean viruses software.

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Corrupts data and any connected devices

In case you have used or have tried using Smadav before, once a new flash disk or writable storage device is attached to a computer, It automatically wins free shortcuts and multiple directories that didn’t exist on the device.

To clean them, you have to scan the device with Smadav that applies its own fix to clean the files. However, this leaves your files exposed to several other threats including data loss.

In fact, existing files are made shortcuts, and corrupted to an unreadable status.

By the same fashion, a new flash drive or external storage device will be detected by the Antivirus as a corrupt medium, yet in actual sense, it only holds initial device drivers. In the end, this leads to device damage due to loss of read/write drivers

Once Uninstalled, Smadav leaves traces

Kill me, but am not gone, this is the silent Smadav slogan. Once you uninstall the AntiVirus, your operating system gets corrupted in minor cases. In most cases, Smadav will pretend to be gone, but will still be present on your PC.

To clean the software traces, you need to perform full scans with a premium antivirus that cleans out residues to grant your computer an all clean status.

Hence, one of the AntiVirus software you should avoid despite being popular as a freeware, Smadav should rank as you first entrant on the list.

Either way, if you’ve had previous experiences with Smadav, the comments section below is yours to utilize to help another end-PC user.

Editor’s Note: This Article is not published with bias, but through personal experiences of the Writer. It’s to this that weren’t recommending any freeware which may seem like a sponsored article against another product.

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