Why you should buy a Chromebook instead of a Windows Laptop

Back in the day, Chromebooks were known to be owned by students and low-feature users. But now, owning a chromebook is as cool as owning a windows or MacOS powered laptop. However, there are many factors that make it the best laptop to choose instead of buying a Windows powered laptop.

All Chromebooks run on Google’s Linux kernel based operating system__Chrome OS from which the Chromebook codename is actually derived from. By having a unix component, Chrome Os gives chromebooks a MacOs-like base. This means, security is key, But that’s just one of the reasons your next PC should be a ChromeBook.

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Operating systems based on the Linux Kernel are known to be the most secure systems of this century. From powering the world’s giantic servers, to powering the highest percentage of website backends on the Internet. Linux distributions like ChromeOS are regarded secure far better than Windows.

Since Linux is based on Unix just like macOS, using an operating system like ChromeOS doubles the same feeling as that on any other Unix based system. However, with more tweaks developed by Google, Chrome OS ranks more secure than any Windows operating system since you don’t need to install any antivirus software.

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Blazing fast Performance

The more popular manufacturers release Chromebooks. It’s the more they gain performance with the latest chips like processors. However, since ChromeOS software requires fewer resources on runtime, Chromebooks are faster due to low RAM and Swap disk usage

However, for a Windows Laptop, a pile of backhrpiunf taks continue running even when you iniatiallu close them. This is due to the fact that quitting a running Application is regarded as a soft close and a hard quit would come from the Windows Task Manager.

This makes a Windows computer slow on top of heavy system and application files compared to Chrome OS. Hence, with amazing performance speeds, buying a ChromeBook is comes at a Prize of having a fast PC to execute your tasks with ease.

Ability to run Android apps

Chrome OS runs Android Apps, the operating system allows you to install apps that initially run on the Android kernel with ease. Although google Chrome can run apps on any operating system, with Chrome Os the Apps run swiftly with no resource and compatibility issues.

On Windows, you’d need a 3rd party application like Bluestacks to smoothly run Android Apps which could comes at a cost of resources making a laptop slow. So, with the ability to run Android Apps smoothly, Chrome Os becomes you 2nd Smartphone accessible on a PC.

Google Assistant

Hello Mr. Google Sir? In the family of voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa,Cortana, Siri, among others. Google Assistant ranks as the most poular with more user adoption. ChromeBooks have core Google Assistant support and the service receives commands the same way you would on an Android Smartphone.

In a battle for dominanace, ChromeBooks now ship wuith a dedicated Voice Assistant button to quick launch the service. Google Assistant allows you to take control of your ChromeBook and execute tasks even without trembling with the keyboard or launching Applications.

On Windows, Cortana is the default voice assiatnt, but its not as popular and effective and Google Assistant. So, given the fact that Google Assistant is a default on ChromeBooks, this makes it easy to perfom quick functions and browse the Google with your Voice.


As compared to Windows Laptops, ChromeBooks are way to cheap and are come in sleek designs due to their compatibility with new compact components.

Chromebook prices start from as $300 while for a good Windows Laptop you’d need $500 or more.Among the brands currently making Good Chromebooks include Asus, Hp, Dell, among others.

This means, the pricing competition makes ChromeBooks pricing sweeter than buying a Windows laptop whose operating system license increases a Laptop’s overall price.

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