World remit: a service that allows you to send money more easily around the world

Sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world is q concept crypto currencies are trying to build on with smarter, yet very effective solutions. However, you don’t’s need a block chain network when World Remit exists as a solution to cross continent sending and receiving of money to or from anywhere around the globe. The most interesting bit is that World Remit is available in all African countries

Money Gram and Western Union have been here for a while now, but the fact that cross-border payments can’t be achieved without putting costs into consideration, that’s where World Remit checks in as the ultimate Lion solution. With over 140 countries currently supported by the service, World Remit binds the current mobile money services to a secure network where everyone can send and receive money more conveniently.

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Sending and receiving on World Remit

Unlike the usual Go to the bank procedures, we know with Money Gram and Western Union, World Remit’s approach seems dedicated to providing a hustle free experience. As per the feed on their website, the service allows you to use your mobile wallet to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Among the countries where this service is currently available, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania are some of those where new users get freebies on signup. Even when, we’ve not opened an account with the service yet, we believe the cross-border solution is just what we’ve always wanted to see come true. For more Information, you can check out their website here. Nevertheless, what do you think about this new world service that could soon replace the hustle of going to the bank for an international transfer?

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