5 ways you can access ChatGPT while at capacity

It’s possible to access ChatGPT while it’s at capacity and use it to reply to your prompts like you would on any other day. Being the most popular AI language models at the current time, ChatGPT is often in high demand, and OPENAI may scale the service to handle more requests in the near future.

When ChatGPT is at capacity and unavailable, you will find it disturbing, but that should not be the end of giving the tool a Go. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways you can access ChatGPT while at capacity as explained below.

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1. Continuously Refresh your page

While ChatGPT is at capacity, it works on a first come first serve basis. At any time, someone using ChatGPT will get all they need, and close the tool, so, inorder to get this token of chance, refresh your ChatGPT tab or page multiple times.

However, don’t over refresh since that will look like another bot attack to the service and probably Cloudflare may lock you out with human challenges. So, continuously refesh your page in a normal way, try refreshing the ChatGPT page for a maximum of 2 times per minute. Once someone stops their session, ChatGPT will let you in.

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2. Try Again Later

If ChatGPT is at capacity, and you are tired of refreshing your page to improve your position in the queue, then try accessing ChatGPT later, on a good scale after about 30minutes or 1 hour. As users interact with ChatGPT and demand for the service decreases, you may have a better chance of accessing it after giving it a rest.

It’s a good idea to periodically check back to see if ChatGPT is available since positions change, and those that hang-on get the chance to use the service. But, if you’re in a rush and need a quick answer, then, we recommend refreshing your page to improve your position, or simply try again later.

3. Use a Different Device or Browser

If you’re having trouble accessing ChatGPT on your usual device, try using a different device. For example, if you normally access ChatGPT from your smartphone, then, use a different device or browser in your phone to access ChatGPT again.

This is because sometimes, issues with your device can prevent you from accessing ChatGPT even if the service is available, these can include browser cookie, and cache settings. By trying a different device, you can bypass these issues and access ChatGPT if it’s available.

4. Clear Your Browser Cache

If you have been using ChatGPT frequently, your browser cache must be filled with OPEN AI content, and may be, ChatGPT is reading your cache to try giving new users a chance to use the service by leaving you out at the moment.

To clear your cache, go to your browser’s settings, and clear data from atleast 7-days. This will remove any temporary data that may be forcing ChatGPT to leave you out since your device is marked as a regular user, so, new cache data may give you better chances to using ChatGPT while at capacity.

5. Try ChatGPT Premium at $20 per month

ChatGPT is free, absolutely free, atleast at the moment. But OPENAI recently introduced a $20 per month charge for premium subscribers. As a premium user, you can use ChatGPT while at capacity, you get no limitations in any way.

So, if you have tried the rest of the options and they all fail to get you through to ChatGPT while it’s at capacity, simply consider supporting the OPENAI works with a $20 subscription for your account. Each time you access ChatGPT, you will have a green pass with no signs of capacity warnings or funny poems you may not like.

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