Influencers will now Charge followers with the new Twitter Super Follows feature

Twitter super follows is a new feature that is still work in progress, but will heavily redefine how Influencers and content creators can make money on the platform. Following an initial mention earlier this year, the new Twitter super follows feature has now been confirmed to be on its way as revealed by a reliable tipster.

Reverse App engineer Jane Manchum Wong first discovered the feature and shared user interface looks, categories and other options of the Twitter super follows feature. Now, her new findings point at the requirements, review process and eligibility inorder for a Twitter user start charging followers.

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Similar to Twitch prime and Patreon where content creators can earn money from their works by accepting tokens from followers, the Twitter Super Follows feature follows the same algorithm through which paid users will access premium content different from what regular free users can access.

Premium followers “Super followers” will get access to a user’s exclusive tweets, supporter badges and a community group by simply paying a subscription fee to support the content creator. However, for a Twitter user (creator) to activate the Twitter super follows feature, a set of requirements have to be fulfilled to qualify for a 10-day review process.

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Twitter Super Follow Creator Requirements

  • A Minimum of 25 Tweets published in the past 30 days
  • Must be 18 years old

Before using the Twitter super follow feature, content creators must submit an application to Twitter. Upon submission, the Twitter team will then review the requesting profile to make sure it meets all minimum requirements and check the account standing whether it’s not run by a bot or received a suspension in the past 1 year before issuing a reply in 10days or less.

As per categories shared by Wong, content creators must select a publishing category before applying for a Twitter Super Follow activation. featured categories include Adult content, News, Gaming, Music,Sports, Tech among others from which content creators have to choose in order to activate a super follow button on their profile.

Twitter Super Follow Categories

So, once the super follow feature is launched, Twitter Influencers will have a series of channels to earn money from the content they publish. These include brand messages/tweets, donations, and now a subscription model where premium followers will pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content aside from joining a community group run by the influencer.

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