Corona Virus: Airtel Money sending fees slashed for the next 30 days

Airtel Money Pay uses merchant codes to help a customer to directly pay for goods using his/her Airtel Money account

Airtel Money sending fees have been slashed by 100% for customers sending money from one Airtel number to another. The waiver has been announced through a statement shared by the telco today after MTN Uganda’s slash of sending fees for transactions higher than UGX 30,000.

According to the statement, Airtel customers will be able to send money at no cost and transact with Airtel Money pay__ a service similar to MTN Momo Pay__for free.

However, the new Airtel money sending structure will take effect tomorrow (20th March) contrary to MTN’s offer which was ignited earlier today (19th March). This implies that the only major telco left to reveal its Corona virus offer is Africell Uganda.

In the face of unprecedented health risks, the safety and health of Ugandans is of utmost importance to us. Airtel Uganda has moved to support efforts to control the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic by promoting the conversion of physical cash to digital/ electronic transactions. Airtel’s statement read

So, for the next 30 days, Airtel customers will send money from one number to another at a no-cost, and further make payments to merchants cashlessly with the Airtel money pay service

In the light of slashed sending fees, Withdraw charges remain intact which means customers are only able to send money for free, but pay withdraw fees on visiting an Airtel Money agent

This means, the move by Airtel Uganda in reply to MTN’s initial move is to further spread the cashless gospel, and reduce on the number of cash transactions in a bid to trim the spread of Corona Virus in Uganda.

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