Airtel Uganda Partners with ATC to deploy Smart Poles in Kampala

In partnership with ATC Uganda, Airtel has officially launched the first smart pole in Uganda on Luwum street in downtown Kampala. A Smart pole is a form of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) technology designed to resolve service gaps that result from network interference, and high mobile traffic in a specific area.

DAS technology is commonly used in large buildings like Hospitals, Shopping malls, office buildings, and hotels with poor network reception. It uses a system of distributed small antennas that are connected to a single common source or gateway and distributed throughout an area to improve wireless coverage.

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As per Airtel Uganda’s smart poles implementation, the telco notes that they are designed to facilitate the transition to 5G network technology that was recently announced, as ATC Uganda also continues to work closely with mobile network operators to support the transition to 5G.

Airtel Uganda Smart Pole implementation
The Airtel Uganda Smart Pole launched in partnership with ATC Uganda at Luwum Street Kampala

While speaking at the launch of the Smart Pole in downtown Kampala, Mr. Manoj, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, noted that the telco Airtel has previously received hundreds of complaints for weak signals in high-density areas like Luwum Street.

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To address this, the telco decided to challenge the ATC and Airtel engineering teams to come up with a lasting solution since users in these areas rely a lot on mobile networks for business hence the introduction of smart poles as he said.

“We have already established 6 poles in the city. Additionally, We are committed to reducing carbon emissions in our services therefore, we thank ATC for providing a green solution.”

said Manoj Murali – Managing director, Airtel Uganda.

In return, the CEO of ATC Uganda Dorothy Kabagambe Ssemanda appreciated Airtel Uganda for the strategic partnership aimed at improving the quality of telecommunications services in Kampala.

While at the launch, the deputy director of KCCA expressed his gratitude to Airtel and ATC Uganda for partnering with the City Authority on their mission to create a smart city. Since may businesses in the city rely on voice and data network traffic, providing the smart poles will accelerate the network reception for people working in buildings across Kampala.

For now, as 5G is the main goal Airtel Uganda has set to achieve in 2023, the introduction of smart poles makes it easy for business people to access quality voice and data network speeds to meet their goals.

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