These are the available MTN Data bundles you need to know before you subscribe

MTN Data bundles are always altered in terms of pricing and packaging. With the Gaga Wednesday bundle shipping over 4Gb data at only UGX 2500/= or slightly less than 5,000/=. Several MTN bundles are affordable the same way Africell and Airtel have competitively affordable bundles as well even with OTT tax separately piled up.

In case you own an MTN line, then we designed this simple selection to guide you on your data bundles selection. In addition to the affordability beneath MTN’s choice of bundles, you can do more for less if you pay with mobile money since the telecom avails a 50% bonus recharge similar to Airtel’s offer. Nonetheless, here is the complete set of MTN data bundles you need to consider before buying a data pack of your choice.

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MTN Data bundles list

mtn new data rates

​​​​​​​​ BundleV​​alidityPrice (UGX)To buy, d​ial
15MB​​​Daily250​​​​*150*10# ​ ​ ​ ​
40MB(24 Hours)​ ​ ​500
500MB1 Week5000​*150*11#
25MB​​​​1 Month​1500​​​​*150*12# ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
2GB​​​3 Months ​ ​30000​​*150*13# ​ ​
60MB Tooti1 Hour500*150*14#
Night Shift 1GB12am - 6am2000*150*50#
Unlimited Internet Premium1 Month330000*150*55#​ ​
Unlimited Internet Basic1 Month179000

The best MTN data bundles you can choose

If you love more data at a relatively cheap cost. We highly suggest you wait until a Wednesday of every week for the gaga bundles. However, If you feel like you want the best bundles to unleash your social media posts, you can opt for the 100MB pack at 1000/=. In addition, 50MBs are enough for all those who wish to use a few applications on the phone to surf the internet. Nevertheless, what data package do you use? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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