Binance Uganda now supports Lite Coin (LTC) on its platform

Binance Uganda now supports Lite Coin (LTC) trading to its platform and this is good news for the crypto nation. In Uganda, not many genuine providers exist in the region with only Binance turning out to be the best alternative to purchasing select crypto currencies using your MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money account.

With the low transaction charges making binance a proper exchange platform to conveniently buy Crypto without falling victim of pyramid schemes like OneCoin and Fintegri exchangers in Uganda. Binance Uganda charges relatively low rates on small deposits or withdraws with their minimum Mobile money tap fixed at UGX 50,000.

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The Same way buying crypto on the platform only requires you to have your true KYC documents ready and an active Mobile money account, It’s the same way buying Lite Coin just got easier with the coin currently trading between $100 to $150.

What you should be excited about with LiteCoin available on Binance

Last year, Binance announced Pax as its newest coin on the platform through their official Telegram group, but now, we have Lite Coin. As the name sounds, LTC is just like any other crypto project that is still led by Bitcoin ruling the Top 10 pike with Binance’s own BNB not missing out on the top list.

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So you should be super excited to trade some LiteCoins since the project is one of those fast growing value options you can abide by without opting for a loan to buy some Bitcoins. Either way, LiteCoin has been available on the main binance trading platform and its cross over to the Ugandan Fiat exchange wing means trading the coin just got easier.

On the other hand, Binance’s BNB coin is also a promising yet big project to look out for that saw the exchanger Founder CZ tame it as one of those future projects to look at even when it is based on Ethereum. So, you can choose to buy both BNB and LTC coins to trade as pairs and earn some extra crypto cash whenever bulls shine in your favor.

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