Candy crush Saga Vs Candy Crush Soda: The Best version to Play

Candy crush is one of the most popular games you cant despise by their display on someone’s smartphone. Divided into multiple seasons and categories, Candy crush is the world’s most addictive mobile game with its Saga version as the most popular.

Candy Crush Saga and Candy crush Soda are two separate games that can be differentiated by their stages and difficulty.

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While you have to battle with hard to pass challenges with little or no power-ups in the Saga version. Candy Soda version allows you to pop Sodas in a single tap with several power-ups available in almost every move.

Candy crush Saga Vs Candy Crush Soda: The Differences

Now one could wonder why Candy crush developers decided to create two versions of the game. Well, the wonders could just be tweaks with the Saga version having more downloads than its Soda alternative. But, what makes the two different is their style of play.

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candy crush saga
Candy Crush Saga

While Candy crush saga allows you to crush candy per 3 similar blocks paired. Candy crush Soda allows you to crush candy by pairing 3 or 4 blocks of the same colour.

To the Power-ups lane, Both Candy saga and Candy Soda have Hammer and Handy tools among other similar power ups. But for Candy Soda, new tools are added depending on your current level with the most popular Add-on being a stripped Hammer that sweeps candy columns and rows.

Also, Candy Crush Saga teases a vertical arrangement of stages, but Candy Soda has a horizontal adventure-filled stages arrangement with power-ups challenges per level.

Therefore, the two games differ in complexity with Candy Crush Saga ranking with Harder and low power-ups as Candy Crush Soda rocks with more power-ups and levels easier to play.

Candy Crush Soda against Candy Crush Saga: The Best version to Play

Tastes and preferences are two adventurous decisions any gamer would look out for. Candy crush saga has more technical levels than Candy Crush Soda, though the two rock with some hard to crush levels.

So, If you want a hard to version to play, choose Candy Crush Saga, since you can easily spend weeks on one single hard level deafening you on every round.

However, If you love a much easier and more power-up filled version to play, then Candy Crush Soda is the best version you should download and continuously crash levels on your Smartphone.

Bottom Line

maxresdefault 1
Candy Crush Soda

Candy crush developers have multiple versions of their game on the Apple and Google Play Stores. However, Candy Saga and Candy Soda are the most downloaded versions most liked by several players.

Likely, Candy Crush Saga is the most played worldwide due to its complex levels and high popularity streak. But for an edge of power-ups and more enticing way to crush levels, Candy Soda is the best version to cruise with.

Hence with the unending Candy crush levels, Playing any of the available versions guarantees you the best arcade game experience on your Smartphone in the light of several other exciting games like Subway Surfers, and more on your Smartphone Store.

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