How to still chat with someone who blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular Instant Messaging platform of this generation with a perfect touch to simplicity and making user day to day tasks much easier than ever before. As the platform continues to grow with more excellent features like a dark mode crossing over to the mobile app, It’s the more using it cruises with fun corns.

However, we have all been through a situation where a contact all of a sudden blocks you. For instance, if you sound like a fraudster to someone you’ve not talked to in a really long time, the block option on WhatsApp becomes his/her sweet option to trigger.

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In a moment where you don’t have any more chances left to explain yourself after being blocked and can’t make any direct phone calls. A rescue method becomes your perfect gateway to redeem an unblock option without rushing for a WhatsApp alternative. So, here is our simple guide to grant you a 2nd chance to regain a chat, and in one way or the other be unblocked in advance.

Gaining a chat after being blocked on WhatsApp

  • Create a WhatsApp group
  •  Add your best friend or a close person you trust or use your 2nd WhatsApp account
  • Make the new group member an Admin
  • Share the contact of the person who blocked you to the group
  • Let the alternate Admin add the contact to the group
  • Directly contact your Admin to leave the group and make it a 2 person forum to renegotiate to be unblocked

In most cases, by the time someone blocks you on WhatsApp, they either didn’t confirm who you are or he/she just wants to stop you from inboxing him/her directly. Other than that, once a contact blocks you, they can still read your group chats and respond with only an inbox route blockage.

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Nonetheless, the next time someone blocks you, simply contact a close friend or use your second WhatsApp number to create a group and add yourself plus your target to the forum. Otherwise, it’s all a personal decision to block someone’s account on the platform and its the same route that you can use to regain an inbox notification if at all your target contact’s account is not hacked in any way.

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