5 Great WhatsApp alternatives that respect your online privacy

WhatsApp is currently the most popular Instant messaging (IM) service for smartphones of all time. While it was not an easy journey to take over from the Yahoo messenger, AIM, and Skype strides. The messaging platform is becoming a resource for authorities every now and then attracting sanctions to the creators.

As a result, OTT tax is one of the babies delivered through the undying Whatsapp sanctions in Uganda, as the same tax also crossed over to Zambia in the same quarter. On the other hand, the WhatsApp mother brand Facebook has also not had great ties with authorities over user data with the latest landing in discrimination angles.

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So you can’t tell if WhatsApp is already stalking your privacy or not, until the impossible happens. Hence, you can’t fully rely on WhatsApp as you default IM app, but instead, you can ride on these cool alternatives that actually respect your privacy inch by inch.


Believe it or not, Telegram is slowly encroaching on the WhatsApp dominance streak. The end to end multiple encryptions platform is a very secure app that can be used on both phone and pc. So, Telegram is one app you can use even if you don’t own a smartphone.

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The app has no limitations on content shared to a point that you can send and download bulk files like Movie Series without leaving telegram. Unlike Whatsapp which not only has privacy issues to prove to all users, Telegram is that secure companion with an excellent touch to speed and reliability even when it’s an Over the Top (OTT) taxed service.


If you owned a smartphone in the golden years then you probably didn’t miss free calls with Viber. Though WhatsApp over shadowed Viber with the free calls feature, the service is still one of the best alternatives you can rely on for the same exact experience at no cost.


In Asia, the talk of WhatsApp and its awesome mods doesn’t work with only a minority of users relying on it. However, WeChat enjoys the biggest slice of the cake with a majority of users relying on the app for all instant communications contrary to Whatsapp. Wechat appears and fully functions like the regular WhatsApp platform so you won’t miss the green app that much.


Signal is another app that offers maximum security on top of a clean super fast chatting interface. It’s an open source app that has won it’s self a big name in the IT security circles. With a similar layout as Whatsapp, Signal is one with maximum privacy app syncronizing all options to deliver awesomely secure links between peers.

As a matter of fact, It’s was recommended by a security expert, Edward Snowden, who previously leaked the espionage practices by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. So, by the time a hacker/security expert recommends a service, then it must be that perfect choice to replace WhatsApp.


Online video calling is a service that turned Skype into the best Video conferencing platform of the golden age. However, IMO shipped the service into an easy to download smartphone app beating the Skype ratings with an excellent touch to quality and reliability.

Before WhatsApp shipped video calling sometime 2 years back, IMO was always the king of Video with many users relying on it for Video conferencing and the former for usual instant chats. IMO further cruises in the same circle as Viber with the two sharing similar popularity times making it another perfect alternative to WhatsApp.

Bonus App


If you love group chatting, then LINE is the perfect platform to choose. The platform allows over 200 users to participate in a single Video call as unlimited users can also chat in 1 group widely beating the WhatsApp group limitations.

Additionally, the platform has a timeline similar to that of giant platforms like Facebook and Twitter. So, LINE is simply a redefinition of quality beyond Instant Messaging given the fact that you can even conduct surveys on the go.

All in all, WhatsApp is slowly fading off the popularity scene with user data allegations leading the protest. However, all the above alternatives compete for the IM share as Whatsapp and in return are perfect for both messaging and making free calls on the go.

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