Facebook now faces new charges by the US Government

Facebook is the most popular social media website tasting stiff competition from Twitter, Instagram and many more platforms on its neck. After several lawsuits piling up to Facebook’s neck to a point that a key official recently resigned over unclear insider issues, the US government has now filed new charges over Facebook’s racial discrimination in users.

The new Facebook charge were filed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on Thursday over violating the house act through discrimination with targeted adverts. Apparently, the charges are after a 2018 complaint that Facebook allows landlords and home sellers to solicit specific users to target in Ads.

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However, the basis of Facebook’s new charges means that all advertisers are discriminating between users om the platform since its an initial Ads goal per audience. But things to be tight in United States where users believe that landlords and home sellers should not discriminate between who deserves to see an AD and who doesn’t.

“Even as we confront new technologies, the fair housing laws enacted over half a century ago remain clear — discrimination in housing-related advertising is against the law,” HUD General Counsel Paul Compton commenting on the new charges to Facebook.

According to Facebook, the new charges are simply a walk over for the company which is now working with civil experts to ditch and win the case. As a fact, the new Facebook charges are simply extensions of the earlier engagements on how the social media giant collects user data.

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