How to create a successful YouTube channel in Uganda with a low budget

To create a successful YouTube channel in Uganda, you don’t need a chunk of reasons or technologies to make your dream valid. Infact, joining the Video Streaming service as a content creator gives you new challenges to break on your path to Internet domination.

When it comes to video streaming services, YouTube is king as far as video sharing goes, that unless a new extraordinary establishment comes up, YouTube is going to remain the leader in this space for a very long time.

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Google has become synonymous with searching for keywords on the internet such that when you want to know about something you “Google it”. The downside to this is that according to multiple research reports, later generations have kept on becoming lazier because of a lot of simplification of tasks and problems.

Unsurprisingly, one of the simplified concerns was the process of acquisition of knowledge. Visualization is very much an effective way of acquiring knowledge as it is interesting;

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This is what three former PayPal employees put into consideration when they opted to start YouTube in February 2005. So these days whenever you want to know about something, Google provides with a collection of sources from where you can read whereas YouTube illustrates what you want to know.

There’s no larger repository for videos concerning a wide array to topics than YouTube. Be it entertainment, technology, showbiz, real estate or anything else, YouTube has it.

It is for these reasons that YouTube is the second largest social media platform with about 2B monthly active users only trailing Facebook’s 2.4B.

For anyone looking to start a YouTube channel, the competition for audience only escalates day by day but do not listen to anyone who tells you it’s no longer a viable choice. 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube daily and this is alot. However, the more soothing statistics are: that there are 3B searches every month and they are coupled with 6B hours of videos viewed every month.

This is an indicator that there’s something for everyone be it a creator or a viewer. To make it on the platform as a creator for the Ugandan market is interesting and rewarding and here we talk about the basics to help you navigate the assignment.

Know your passion

World over, passion drives success in each and every industry. Whether you love Technology, prefer entertainment, politics, or gossip, your passion is the number 1 key towards creating a successful youtube channel in Uganda.

So, before you visit your Google account to create a custom Youtube channel, you should keep in sight your passion line of action, then create goals you can follow once you come up with a channel Idea.

Think of an attractive channel name based on your content goals

If you have an attractive Youtube channel name, chances are that your audience will heavily grow depending inline with your channel’s branding. This means, come up with a channel name that will attract a chunk of new viewers to follow and subscribe to your new video-sharing channel.

Based on your target audience, you can choose to add your intended channel goals on the main channel name. For instance, if you’re into Technology, you can add a *tech tagline to your channel name, if you’re into gossip, then you can add *gossip, for news and entertainment, you can use *ent as your added identifier, then create your youtube channel.

Create your Youtube Channel

To be a successful creator you must first have a channel to create for. This is light work as the basic requirement is just a Google account.

  • Sign into YouTube and click the user icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then on the menu that appears click on “Create a channel”. Here you can create a personal channel or a business channel.
  • Then you will have to name your channel. You can use your name if it’s a personal channel but for the sake of a brand or business it’s better to use a custom name.
  • After naming the channel, you will then have to fill in your profile. It will contain the profile picture for your channel, channel description and you can also link your channel to your social media accounts, website or blog. Ensure that the profile picture and description are expertly chosen to create a good impression amongst your potential audience.
  • It is also advisable that you create a channel trailer to give viewers an insight on what to expect.

Know your Target Audience

In the process of creating a successful youtube channel in Uganda, knowing your target audience steps in as a key focus point that elevates your portal to new heights. Depedning on the type of content you intend to publish, you must follow what will suite your viewers best, and not what you want as a creator.

Hence, understand what your viewers would love to see and watch from your channel in order to create a viable content strategy. With a correct and good content guide, your channel will gain more subscribers, and more video views that make your channel successful in the process.

Create Content

When it comes to creating a successful channel, it is definitely a long-term goal so you have to make sure you are driven by the right motivation to keep on pursuing the task at hand.

This means your intentions should be sustainable for you and also able to receive good reception from the viewers. They may be to provide viewers with information about Ugandan movies or even something simple like reviewing phones available on the Ugandan market.

Now to fulfill whatever your intention is, you have to have a specific target audience. In this case it is the Ugandan market but you can go further into more specific demographics like age, gender, political affiliations, and education status. Whatever your choice make sure you plan to appeal continually to your target audience to keep your brand stable.

Different content appeals to different audiences on the viewer spectrum. Your target audience should have a reason to stick to your channel and this is your content. Clearly define your content so as to capture meaningful long term viewership. For instance of your channel is a technology channel there’s no justification for jumping into politics as it may irk some viewers.

Publish Consistent Content

Successful channel are built with a touch of consistent. Depending on your type and quantity of content, you need to have a schedule for the production of your videos.

For the frequency of production, make sure it offers long term tolerability to you the creator. To build up organic traffic most viewers need assurance that they have unambiguous viewing schedules.

In the instance you create a sports channel, most matches are known to happen over the weekend so you are not expected to provide highlights for these matches in the middle of the week.

Create a Constant Channel Style

To hold onto viewers and also get new ones, make sure to define and create using an optimal style with which your content is conveyed to the audience. Three main aspects to be considered are your title, presentation, video and audio format.

Your titles should be well optimized for search. Make sure to fill it with the necessary keywords for which your video is relevant but don’t make it too heavy.

Your video and audio production should be high quality. Most viewers wouldn’t stick to videos with poor quality or awful music because it’s an easy task to get quality production these days.

For videos you can consider having a camera or choose from the many impressive phone cameras on the market at the moment. If you are using a phone camera you can consider having a tripod to keep your phone steady as you record.

Also for audio, many of the inbuilt phone microphones are lacking in some aspects so you can consider having an external microphone. Aside from this you can invest in a some software to edit your videos.

However beautiful one’s content is, the presentation can put off a lot of people. Articulation, speech patterns and confidence need to be positively appealing to your market.

Try not to plagiarize patterns you are not used to. Just stick to what works best for you. To improve this aspect you can take some online classes or learn from successful YouTubers whose style you wish to imitate.

Promotion and finances? Monetize your channel to gain

You can promote your channel on your social media platforms by sharing links or simply collaborate with other brands whose platforms can promote your channel.

Also, a successful channel requires dedication so when you take it seriously it will also have to be the one to fund the costs of production of content. There are some few ways you can get money but most of them require you to first build up your following.

You can collaborate with companies whose products fit in your niche and make affiliate sales or product promotions for them. Also, AdSense is a decent way to make money so you can monetize your channel to earn some extra money.

All in all, it takes discipline and zeal to make it on YouTube. The fact that you have labored to read up these basics is an indicator of how interested you are so you should well be on your way to achieve what you want.

There is a bit of more perks to making it because different people tend to employ different strategies so start and ask from those who have made it to see how you can make it in this competitive place. Good luck!!

All in all, you can create a successful youtube channel in Uganda without borrowing a chunk of external non-local content to publish on your platform. But instead, with dedication and hard work, you can easily elevate your channel to new heights depending on your target niche.

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