How to easily capture and convert your Photos to 3D

The age of Smartphone makers setting the pace for catchy camera features and sensors is almost taking a turn. With the rise of filters on Instagram, Snapchat taking new twists, a company named Lucid has revealed an App dubbed LucidPix at CES 2020, and what it does is beyond what several smartphones can do.

LucidPix allows you to capture photos in 3D using your Smartphone’s camera for upload as 3D posts on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform that accepts 3D images, the same way 360 photos work

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To convert your regular 2D images to 3D, the App uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm called 3D fusion Technology. This allows the app to convert your old or real-time 2D image to 3D by adding an effect layer to it.

According to the developers, LucidPix has been exposed to thousands of images to train its deep learning algorithm to match with any image opened through the App. This means the app works with almost every image opened through it.

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How to download LucidPix 3D Photo creator

To download the LucidPix app, simply visit the Google or Apple store to have a taste of its Beta version before the official version is rolled out during the second quarter of 2020. But before that, here is the App’s official teaser you may need to watch

Away from just spicing your images with 3D effects, this App allows you to use custom frames and a couple of other effects off its main dashboard. For now, LucidPix is the only available 3D Smartphone app that mightn’t rock 2020 the same way FaceApp did in 2019, but is a perfect solution to your social media uploads.

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