Eversend Introduces a Stocks trading feature that allows African Users to buy US Stocks

Eversend has introduced a new US Stocks feature for users in Africa. The new feature will allow African users to buy US stocks directly from the Eversend Mobile App. This is in addition to the service’s evolving portfolio that allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, buy data bundles, and of recent, create virtual VISA debit cards.

Well, with the new Stocks trading feature set to be available in Africa, Eversend aims at making US stocks accessible to users within the App. At the current time, one can’t buy US stocks in Africa due to the absence of trusted brokers and restrictions in some countries. So, Eversend plans to solve this barrier by making it convenient for every App user to buy favourite stocks.

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Popular trending stocks include Apple, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, among many others that grow in value based on a company’s performance. Statistically, early investors in US Stocks have benefited in the growth of listed companies as their initial investment value grows. Off the World billionaire list, Warren Buffett is a notable US stocks investor that started his initial investment in the early 90s.

But due to the scarcity of credible stocks brokers in Africa, US stocks have not been as popular as they should be over the years. With such challenges in sight and a steady market of enthusiast would-be stock investors in Africa, Eversend’s new feature will make it easier for US stocks to be purchasable from anywhere in Africa as long as a User holds a verified Eversend account.

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The announcement was made off the Eversend Twitter page, and it has so far received a warm reception from App users who intend to utilize the open opportunity. In promotion for the feature, Eversend has further lined up prizes for users on the waiting list accessible off its main website here.

Once the feature goes live, it’s confirmed that it will be accessible in as many African countries as possible where the App operates. These include Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, among many others where the service intends to clear regulatory approvals in order to fully activate the feature for users on the continent.

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