Through the EzyAgric App, Farmers can order agro-inputs with fast delivery

The current coronavirus period is an open suite for tech startups and eCommerce services to bridge the consumer’s gap. In Uganda, COVID 19 has affected businesses from uptown preneurs to the farmer seeking inputs for his/her garden with a motive of staying home to stay safe.

However, farmers now live on a brighter side of receiving agro-inputs and selling their produces online with ease. EzyAgric is a new mobile app that aims at bridging the logistical and service delivery gap by connecting farmers to supplies and buyers to farm produce traders.

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During this lockdown period, cargo and service delivery vehicles are allowed to travel to any part of Uganda by having an authorization sticker issued by the government. It’s through this gap that EzyAgric seeks to ensure food security and availability by giving farmers access to inputs.

EzyAgric App is a product of Akorion__an agritech company that aims at digitizing the agricultural value chain to deliver better production and marketing services to both farmers and other agro-businesses.

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In the light of physical farm input shops, the App serves as an eCommerce platform for farmers to get access to the inputs they need, garden planning and a ready market. To ensure quality farm inputs, Akorion partners with agro-input suppliers to ensure maximum quality and limit sub-standards.

How to farmers can order agro-inputs via EzyAgric App?

  • Visit the Google Playstore and Enter EzyAgric Farmer as the search term
  • Download and Install the App
  • Signup from an account with your Phone number to receive a one-time pin
  • Once successful, browse the list of agro-input supplies like seeds, fertilizers, and farming tools. 
  • Open your shopping cart to confirm ordered inputs and pay via MTN Momo or Airtel Money
  • DONE: Your inputs will be delivered to your predefined location

Away from just ordering farm inputs, a farmer can use the EzyAgric App to seek other services and farming tips for free, inputs can further be prescribed in the App by entering an estimate of the garden size in addition to getting access to a ready market.

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