List of free Websites for Students to learn at home, with ZERO MBs

In the shadow of the fast-spreading Corona Virus (COVID19) came new regulations and restrictions on public gatherings in most countries including Uganda. Schools were forced to close, but the Internet became a free gateway for students to study from home.

Earlier today, MTN Uganda published a list of free websites students can visit for e-learning and useful resources for them to study at home. Amazingly, all websites are zero-rated and don’t require an active data bundle to access.

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Initially, the telco introduced new work from home Internet bundles, and now, with Zero-rated e-learning portals, it means students will be able to grab every piece of educational content online while in quarantine.

Well, the Zero-rated websites that don’t require an active data bundle for students to access include:

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In the light of new educational websites for students, we shall be updating this list periodically with free to access versions as more telecom companies join the struggle to fight Corona Together with free access.

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