Say GoodBye SMS Messages, Here is how you can get RCS on Android

The Short Messaging service (SMS) has served it’s time with a new meetup with the 21st century as Rich Communication services (RCS) takes over from the protocol’s phone-phone sending and receiving framework

RCS is the new SMS replacement that now comes bundled with the Google Messages App. It’s function routes ride on the fate of Instant Messaging the same way Apple’s iMessage variant works or popular platforms like WhatsApp

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Unlike any abrupt technologies, RCS is not a new communication framework. The module was first teased by Google in 2016 until it sootheed up its spills by promising to speed up the evolution process a few months back

Now, RCS is finally live and can be used in countries where carriers have set subscription plans and rates since many have been slow in adopting the framework due to necessary network upgrades

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RCS Features you should know

RCS is not miles different from the ordinary SMS service, It’s instead an upgraded Instant communication model coping in the same league. As a matter of fact, the 8,000 character limit is the eye catcher burying the SMS limit of 160 characters per minute

Infact, with the ablity to read receipts, RCS completely replaces SMS since you can easily know whether the receiptient has read your message or no. Nonetheless, here is a puff of RCS features that put it on top of the visibility podium

  • 8,000 characters per message
  • Supports read receipts
  • Can Use Wi-Fi to send messages

How to activate/use the RCS on your phone

TO use the now available RCS service on your Smartrphone, Simply update or download the Google Messages app that allows you to use the protocol. However, the service will only work if your telecom provider has intergrsted the protocol

Infact, the RCS protocol is currently available in countries where telecom providers have enabled usage of the service. More so, if the integration has not been met yet, the telcos will kevel up to support the now must-use service

In Uganda, MTN and Airtel have reportedly been testing the implementation of the service with a reveal by TechJaja that Airtel users can make the service work on Airtel.

However, full integration of the messaging protocol could be around the 2020 corner since it’s implementation doesn’t require vibrant resources like 5G networks.

More so, with no end to end encryption for the service at the moment, usage of the RCS protocol may be delayed in several countries like Uganda where the popularity streak of IM applications like WhatsApp and Telegram is on a high.

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