How to send and receive money from other countries with Airtel Money

The Airtel Voice bundles Shortcode that allows you to easily subscribe to Mega Tok bundles

Hours after MTN revealing its Homeland app as a reliable option to send and receive money from Europe to Uganda, the red camp took it to their press room to announce a new feature that allows subscribers to send and receive money Internationally

Among the countries where you can send and receive money directly using your Airtel Money account include Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and UAE with tier range charges ranging between UGX 900 and UGX 58,000

Sending Money to other countries with Airtel Money

  • Dial *185# and select 1 (Send Money)
  • Select 4 (International Transfer)
  • Choose the country to send to
  • Enter the amount to send
  • Choose the reason for sending
  • Confirm with your PIN
  • Done: The receiver will receive the money in his/her local currency

Receiving Money from other countries with Airtel Money

  • The sender must visit an Airtel agent, uses the Airtel website, or the Airtel app
  • The sender then chooses the mobile transfer option
  • Provides the receiver’s Airtel Money number with country code
  • Enters the amount to send
  • Amount to be received is then displayed in Ugandan shillings (UGX)
  • The sender confirms transfer with his/her PIN
  • You will then receive this money instantly.
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