MTN Homeland: The App that allows you to send money from Europe to Uganda

MTN Homeland is one of the telecom centric apps that have been introduced to disrupt the money transfer sphere. First was World Remit with its direct International transfer service, then Paypal’s integration to new markets.

But now, money transfer wings like telecom flavored mobile money services now have the upper gear shaft into play with full International transfer integrations as banks also continue to pave their way into the mix

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With MTN Homeland as one of those newly introduced Apps in 2019, sending money from Europe to Uganda is now trouble-free with plans by the Yello camp to gift the process with a vice versa streak as almost all European countries are supported on the app.

The Interesting spice of the app checks in from the easy to navigate angle where a sender in Europe simply installs the MTN Homeland App and approves the amount of money to be sent to a Ugandan number as long as he/she having full Internet connectivity

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Excitingly, the service has less feature variations from the MY MTN App meaning it’s an easy to use App if you have Installed used the Yello camp’s self service app before, Nonetheless here is how you can use MTN Homeland to send money to Uganda

Sending Money With MTN Homeland

  • Download the App from the Google Playstore or visit
  • Choose your country
  • Enter Your Mobile Number to Signup/Login
  • Pass Security test with 2FA authentication
  • Then Access the App dashboard to directly Send Money
  • On Sending, ensure you start a Ugandan phone number with +256 or simply 256
  • Enter PIN to send funds in realtime
  • Done:
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