How to download, use and explore features of the My MTN app

The My MTN will make your life easy by saving you from the crammed short codes

My MTN app is a cross-country MTN services customized app. Back then everyone was used to dialing the long USSD codes in order to subscribe to a service, But with the newly updated My MTN app, subscribers can enjoy the best subscriptions than ever before.

In Uganda alone, the number of mobile subscribers has hit its highest peak to the time that UCC is now finding it hard to regulate all users. While fraudsters have always developed new ways to victimize subscriber every now and then. the core functions of the My MTN app will help you get all services in one single package on your smartphone.

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Downloading the My Mtn app

Android smartphones are popular on the market as you will always find Samsung or techno smartphones retailing in every phone and accessory shop. However, the more popular smartphones have become is the easier getting things done has turned into. for instance, downloading the My Mtn app is as simple as a visit to your favorite app store. Either the Google Play store or the apple store can get things done.

Download My MTN on PlayStore

In your search tab, type My MTN to select the 4.0 rated designed border MTN developed app with over 1 million downloads in the Google Play store/android market. While in the apple store MTN is still marked as the developer of the MyMTN app. Your experience with searching the app won’t be hectic since there are no 3rd party or fraudulent apps associated with the app name.

Download on Apple Store

Using the features of the My MTN app

The My MTN is a straight forward app. Therefore you won’t find any hard time registering your number since choosing your country is the first option. More So once you enter your number the app will send you a code via SMS which you can in return input in the allocated code space. Just like that, you will be welcomed to the My MTN app with the My self-service and mobile money tabs/options.

My self-service option consists of the usual short code services including the recharge airtime option. Buy data, voice and other bundles with this option which will swiftly activate any chosen recharge options to pay either via mobile money or direct airtime.

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The mobile money service embedded in the My MTN app will give you the freedom to transact in a secure yet easy to use environment, Gone are the days when you have to look for the approvals list with the usual *185# ussd code. With the app you can easily send money, preview your statement and make fast approvals hustle free.

Therefore all mobile money and sim services can be accessed through the app without the need of dialing any shortcodes ever again. More so Con men always prefer to see you dialing codes every now and then. Nevertheless, the app is fully secure meaning any information you share is completely private as MTN designed the app to serve its customers better.