MTN Uganda Voice Bundles and How to subscribe

MTN Uganda Voice bundles are a regular spice for more talk time. Just like its competitors, MTN offers voice bundles tailored under daily, weekly, and monthly validity time frames for easy subscription.

Swiftly, My PakaPaka bundles are also offered on a per-customer basis, depending on your account usage. Additionally, standard voice bundles offer talk-time minutes at fairly attractive prices.

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However, MTN’s regular voice bundles only have daily and monthly validity timeframes, and so, can’t be extended upon expiry. Once a subscribed bundle meets its expiry timeframe, the best you can do is re-subscribe for the same or upper limit bundle.

Daily packages cost from as low as UGX 500 for 6minutes to a high of 2,000/= for 60minutes valid for 24hours. On the other hand, Monthly bundles range from 5,000 for 125 minutes to 50,000/= for 4,500 minutes respectively.

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However, for more talk time, MyPaka Paka bundles often hold more minutes differing from customer to customer. Similarly, My Paka Paka pricing also differs from customer to customer with offers from as low as UGX 100. 

How to Subscribe/Buy MTN Voice Bundles

  • Dial *160#
  • Choose Option 2 (Bundles) or *160*2#
  • Select Voice Bundles (Option 1)
  • Then, Choose Buy a Bundle (option 1)
  • Choose Between Daily or Monthly bundles
  • Once you select a preferred offer, then choose between Airtime or Mobile Money as you payment option
  • Done: Your account will be credited with your subscribed Voice bundle

Subscribing to MTN My Paka Paka Minutes

  • Dial *160#, then select option 1
  • Or Dial *160*1#
  • Choose My Paka Paka Minutes (Option 1)
  • Then, select a preferred offer
  • Choose payment method (Airtime or Mobile Money)
  • Done: You Minutes will be credited to your Account

In a like Manner, Go bundles feature Voice + SMS + Data combos with Daily or Weekly and Monthly validity frames. With Go Bundles, you also get to receive free local minutes to call other networks. Nonetheless, here is a list of Voice Bundles currently offered by MTN Uganda.

Regular MTN Uganda Voice Bundles


MTN-MTN MinutesPrice(UGX)
MTN Daily Voice Bundles


MTN-MTN MinutesPrice (UGX)
MTN Monthly Voice Minutes

Go Bundles

MTN-MTN MinutesMinutes to Other NetworksSMSMBsWTFPrice(UGX)
MTN Go Daily Voice Bundles
MTN-MTN MinutesMinutes to Other NetworksSMSMBsWTFPrice(UGX)
MTN Go Weekly Voice Bundles
MTN-MTN MinutesMinutes to Other NetworksSMSMBsWTFPrice
MTN Go Monthly Voice Bundles

Fixed Line Bundles

MTN-MTNLocal Minutes to other networksPrice (UGX)Validity
MTN Fixed Line (Landline Phone) Bundles

MTN International Voice Bundles

East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa)

MinutesPrice (UGX)Validity
MTN East Africa Voice Bundles

US, India, and China

MinutesPrice (UGX)Validity
International Minutes to US, India and China


MinutesPrice (UGX)Validity
International Minutes Nigeria


MinutesPrice (UGX)Validity
International Minutes to United Kingdom (UK)

How to Buy MTN Uganda International Voice Bundles

  • Dial *160*2#
  • Select International Bundles (Option 6)
  • Choose Buy a Bundle
  • Select Destination Country
  • Then, choose a preferred offer
  • Then Choose to Pay with Airtime or Mobile Money
  • Done: Your Voice Bundle will be loaded to your account

Buying MTN Go Bundles

  • Dial *160*2#
  • Select Go Bundles (option 3)
  • Choose between Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Then, select a preferred offer
  • Pay with Airtime or Mobile Money
  • Done: Your Go Bundles Combo will be loaded

All active MTN Voice Bundles can be accessed via *160# which serves as the major services shortcode off the telco’s full list. However, with periodic promotions like MTN Supu, Kafyu calls activated for a specific timeframe, they can be accessed via unique codes off the main *160# shortcode.

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