How to Buy and Activate MTN Gaga Wednesday Bulk Data Offers

MTN Gaga Wednesdays as popularly known for bulk data offers tempting you to mark every Wednesday as an opportunity for something big in the week. While MTN Uganda usually offers 3GB or 4GB data at an affordable price ranging from 3500/- to 4500/-. Africell, on the other hand, has a similar offer with the exact data bundles spread at affordable prices making the two identical. However, here is how can you unlock the MTN Gaga Wednesday free data offers.

Step 1: Download the MyMTN app

To download the MyMTN app, It’s not something very difficult to master but easy to install. In case you don’t know how? read our guide about MTN’s popular self-service app here.

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mtn gaga wednesday
A simple DIY guide on how to load your MTN Gaga Wednesday data using the MyMTN app

Step 2: Register your Phone number for free 200MBs in the MyMTN app

Each time you register a new number to the MyMTN app, you automatically win 200Mbs. However, if you ever downloaded the app, then just enter the one time pin (OTP) sent to your mobile phone and access the app menu. For new users, before enjoying the Gaga Wednesday offer. 200MBs can be a good start to add on the day’s 3 or 4GB accessible through the app.

Step 3: Go to My self-service and select Buy data

The MyMTN app has two core app sections including the My self-service side to the Mobile money options. To activate the Gaga Wednesday bundles you need to select My self-service, then follow the onscreen prompts under the Buy data option. However, if you need other mobile money services, the 2nd option can be your other savior when you wish to transact within a stress-free environment.

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Step 4: Choose Gaga Wednesday bundles

Under the app’s myself service options. Choose to Buy data for a list of available packages ranging from daily to monthly. On the scroll list, head over to Gaga Wednesday to reveal that week’s particular offer which could be 4GB at only 3500/- or 3GB at a similar price for the day.

However, for best offers, you can choose to wait and activate your bundle in the afternoons as the telecom usually changes the prices for the same data offered.

Step 5: Approve purchase via airtime or Mobile money and enjoy

Although UCC banned scratch cards in Uganda. You can buy airtime or data using mobile money. In this scenario, the MyMTN app will require you to choose a steady option whether to pay with your airtime or approve purchase via Mobile money. Therefore, you won’t need to scratch your head anymore on how to buy a Gaga Wednesday bundle. You can further opt-in for Africell’s Don’t be cheated Wednesday bundles in case you are not satisfied with the yellow telecom’s day offer.

2021Update: Best new way to load MTN Gaga Wednesday offers

It’s the last quarter of 2019 and getting yummy spikes of MTN’s Gaga Wednesday bundles is an initial Weekend spicer since the offer can now be purchased more than once with a 3-day validity period expiring on Saturday.

Well, MTN recently spiced its My MTN App with new user-friendly tweaks with a new name “MTN Momo Uganda” Available for download on the Google and Apple store. This means a new way to never miss an MTN Gaga offer, and here is an update on how you can do that!

Loading MTN Gaga with the new MTN Momo App

  • Download and Install the MTN Momo App
  • Open the App and Choose Your county
  • Enter Mobile Number, then Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Wait for a OneTime SMS and Enter the received code
  • On the MTN Momo Dashboard
  • Choose Data bundles on the list
  • Then Choose Self or Others (To recharge for a friend)
  • On the Daily Bundles list, Choose Gaga Wednesday
  • Complete Purchase by ensuring you have enough money on your Mobile Money account
  • Done: Your MTN Gaga Wednesday bundle will be loaded

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