How to smoothly Install Google apps on a Huawei Smartphone without GMS

You can install Google apps on a Huawei Smartphone that ships without Google Mobile Services (GMS). Since May 2019, Huawei Smartphones have not had Google Services pre-installed on them due to its presence on the US entity list that limits the company from transacting with any US-based companies like Google which owns the application suite.

With an extension of the Huawei ban in May 2020, the company has never stopped launching new Smartphones to the market with cutting edge features in the high-end and mid-range market circles. However, all these smartphones, starting from the Mate 30 series instead shipped with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) as the default suite and not GMS.

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But given the high popularity and demand rate of Google services like YouTube, Gmail, Playstore, Google Drive, Google Maps, the need for GMS of your Smartphone is one you can not ignore to get the best from your device. Unfortunately, there is no official way to do so, but on a lucky patch, 3rd party solutions exist as gateways to having Google apps on your Huawei Smartphone.

In the past, 3rd party solutions like LZPlay provided ways of having GMS on new Huawei smartphones, but has since faded away. Now, a new solution called “Googlefier” from bender_007 on the Android XDA forums is the best variant that works as an app package installer and allows you to install all Google apps.

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TO install Google apps on a Huawei Smartphone by using Googlefier, all you need to do is download the apk from the Android xda developers forum here, then, install it on your device, grant it needed permissions, and follow its on-screen instructions to install Google apps and services on your Huawei Smartphone.

How to Install Google apps on a Huawei Smartphone with Googlefier

  • Download Googlefier from the Android Xda-developers forum or apkmirror
  • Install Googlefier on your target Huawei Smartphone and grant all necessary permisssions
  • Then, use Googlefier to download all Google apps you wish to use
  • Once your desired Google apps are installed, you can uninstall Googlefier or retain it
  • DONE: You can install all Google apps and services by simply using the application as your default package handler to properly setup for use on your Huawei Smartphone.

Currently, Huawei and Honor Smartphones running EMUI 10.x (Android 10) and devices running Android 11 or above like the Huawei Mate 40 series will be supported in future updates of the application. Meanwhile, here is a toss of the frequently asked questions you may need to note once you install the app on your Huawei Smartphone.

What devices are supported?

  • Currently, Huawei / Honor devices running Android 10 and Emui10. There are limitations based on firmware versions.

Does it use LZplay(Chinese app)?

  • Yes it does. You can uninstall it after the installation is done.

How do I know if it work on my device

  • You don’t. You need to try it. If lzplay runs on the device then it will 99% work. However there is a list where you can see some firmware versions on which it’s reported to be working.

I don’t have LZplay and it still worked, how?

  • At some point, on the previous firmware version – your phone had LZplay running and/or someone tried the GMS installation method. (yes, even after resetting..yes weird..)

Do firebase push notifications work?

  • No they don’t, some apps will have their notifications pushed through, most of them wont.

I’m getting notifications, a lot of them, what do I do?

  • Hit the fix button and follow the instructions.

I’ve hit the FIX button, but it doesn’t fix a thing.

– The fix button is there to assist you in fixing your own errors :), you didn’t follow the procedure.
– After you hit “fix”, just read the instructions.
– After EVERY single services install do this:
– Open playstore, browse it, close playstore and all running apps from the recents menu
– Open sync settings, uncheck-and re-check the sync on/off settings
– Open playstore – install 2-3 apps, games…close playstore and all running apps from the recents menu
– Proceed with button 3, just like the message box instructs (until it says everything is done)
– still getting errors? Repeat..

Does APP {insert name here} which depends on google location services/play services/games work?

  • Most probably it does, even apps like tapatalk work with the google sign in

Is factory reset mandatory?

  • No, there is a button to make sure your previous experimenting is deleted

Will this damage/delete my data?

  • No, this doesn’t touch your data. Although a factory reset is recommended if you want to do it right. Some people use different google replacements, aurora store, microg…etc..they mostly don’t play nicely together, there is just no guarantee it will work. A clean device will set a baseline for the installation.11. Some advice on the procedure?
  • Always read the message boxes – they are NOT just for your amusement there, it’s very easy to miss something
  • Before doing anything – do a backup
  • Don’t give up on the first try
  • Don’t assume the next step – there are message boxes (already told that, but..)
  • Always first read the questions, then the troubleshooting – before asking a question

Ok, so I successfully installed the GMS, everything works. Can I update the Apps, upgrade the system, delete Googlefier, delete LZplay, delete Google Account Manager?

  • Of course, the answer to all is YES. After the successful installation you can report the success-or a failure, just tap on “?”, it will lead you to the “YES it works”, “NO it doesn’t work” chooser. And of course, there is the donate button, which is appreciated and welcome, since alot..lot of time is invested into this, and still being invested through the support and further investigation.
    I personally have used this services to update

15. It doesn’t work…

  • Ok, let’s try fixing it. I see some Honor users just hit the “doesn’t work” button. There is still downgrade, let’s look up the firmware and test it. If I could spend 2-2.5 months investigating this and then again downloading all the firmware files, extracting them, repacking, and uploading them, I guess 1-2 minutes of your time isn’t too much to ask?
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