Trump Administration extends Huawei Ban to 2021

Huawei Technologies has been banned for another 1 year from the US till 2021. The Ban was extended by the Trump administration after invoking the International Emergency Economic powers act.

Although the Huawei ban was effected in May 2019, it’s operations trend has not been greatly affected, since it has managed to thrive without Google Mobile services on its Smartphones, but still maintained its position as the 2nd best manufacturer in the World.

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Initially, the Trump administration banned Huawei citing cybersecurity, national security, and digital economy risks. With the new extension, no direct reasons have been stated implying they remain constant.

Likely, ZTE being another Chinese based IT equipment brand, it also faces an extension of its ban in the US. For Huawei, the ban has only affected its market presence in the region, but its worldwide operations continue.

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As a leader in the 5G development, Huawei has continued to plan and develop networks in various countries like the UK, on top of preparing telcos in like Safaricom in Kenya, SouthAfrica among others.

However, with the new extension of Huawei’s ban from operating within US boundaries, it means future Huawei phones will continue riding on a custom operating system with popular Google services like YouTube, Gmail, and many others missing as default services.

As Huawei revealed to Android Authority that the restrictions tied have a low margin effect and instead lead to higher 5G acquisition for the US. We expect Huawei to continue developing custom solutions as it has always done since May 2019.

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