Amidst a Global Smartphones decline, Huawei remains second in Q1 2020

Global Smartphone shipments have declined by 17.1% in the first quarter of 2020. The decline is directly attributed to the current COVID 19 Pandemic that continues to affect businesses all over the world. However, Huawei Mobile has managed to stick to its 2nd Place podium position behind Samsung.

Though Apple recently released the rumored iPhone 9 with an iPhone SE codename, Huawei’s continuous launches and custom Hong Meng operating system so far put it on top of its game to beat Apple even without Google’s support.

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Huawei keeps its podium position with over 48.5 Smartphone shipments with a 17.6% market share inking a decline from its 2019 Q1 results. Last year, Huawei registered 59.1 million shipments with a 17.9% market share, meaning the brand’s growth has run short by 18% as compared to 2019.

According to strategic analytics__the publisher of the report__Huawei has managed to stick to its podium position irrespective of its current relations with the US, because its major sales muscle is China.

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Current Market Share Statistics

Global Smartphone Shipments by Vendor (Millions of Units) Q1 ’19 Q1 ’20 Growth YoY (%)
Samsung 71.8 58.3 -19%
Huawei 59.1 48.5 -18%
Apple 43.1 39.2 -9%
Xiaomi 27.5 27.5 0%
OPPO 25.4 22.6 -11%
Others 103.5 78.7 -24%
Total 330.4 274.8 -17%
Current Smartphone Manufacturers Market Share
Global Smartphone Marketshare by Vendor (% of Total) Q1 ’19 Q1 ’20  
Samsung 21.7% 21.2%  
Huawei 17.9% 17.6%  
Apple 13.0% 14.3%  
Xiaomi 8.3% 10.0%  
OPPO 7.7% 8.2%  
Others 31.3% 28.6%  
Total 100.0% 100.0%

Samsung remains the World’s leading Smartphone brand with a total of 58.3 shipments in the first quarter and a 21.2 Market share. Just like Huawei, Samsung has registered a 19% decline from last year where it registered over 71.8 shipments in Q1.

Apple on the other hand also has a short of 9% from last year’s growth with 39.2 in 2020 compared to 43.1 in Q1 2019. This means, the fate of the current Corona Virus pandemic has shrunk the market share of all 3 top brands worldwide.

So, with Huawei keeping its 2nd position slot amidst its presence on the US’s entity list, It’s peak can be attributed to the custom HongMeng system, and continued Android compatibility since over 8 million 5G smartphones have so far been shipped by the brand.

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