Here is how you can Screen Record on a Mac without any Software

macOS supports Screen recording to help you record your favorite screen portions as .mp4 videos. The same way you can take a screenshot on a mac is the exact same style you must adapt to record clean quality videos on your Macbook or iMac screen.

First, To Screen record, you must identify a preferred window or portion to record, once focused-on through an open window, then call the MacOS Screen capture shortcut (Command +Shift+5)

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Once you hit the Command + Shift + 5 (numeric figure Number 5), a floating Window with a bottom menu pops up. From the Menu, select the Record option (Identified with a Small dot), then hover between full screen or selected Portion, and finally click Record to get started.

A Quick Guide to Screen Recording on Your Mac

  • Press Command + Shift + 5 (at the same time)
  • Once a dotted selection Window appears, locate a bottom menu
  • From the Bottom menu, select Screen Record (Identified with a top dot symbol)
  • Then hover between full-screen Record, or simply a preferred portion/Selection
  • Then, click Record to start your video screen capture
how to screen record on a mac
The End Screen Record option on the macOS top bar
  • Once done, locate and click a Stop Icon on your Mac’s top bar to end your recording
  • Done: Your recording will be saved to Desktop or Pictures by default

All in all, screen recording on your mac should not take you a full round trip on search engines, mastering the Command + Shift + 5 shortcut will deliver great results to your overall experience. Also, you can trigger several settings to enhance your recording.

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