Huawei Mate 30 Series confirmed to launch on 19th September in Munich

Incase you had lost hopes of seeing Huawei’s mate 30 series in play, Its high time to brace the upcoming release with a much bigger roar. The confirmation was made by Huawei 3days back in reply to its re-volcanized feud with the US.

As a norm, Huawei has placed the “Rethink Possisiblites” Tagline on its Mate 30 series teaser sheet. This not only proves a point that whether with Android or not Huawei is redeveloping its concepts. But also, a cruiser that the upcoming Mate 30 series may feature both HongMeng and Android capabilities.

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According to Huawei, the Mate 30 will ship an oreo round style backdrop camera as the core Mate 30 will pack a triple setup unlike its Pro version that will further place a quad setup (4 Cameras) to its rear plate.

Both the Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro will ship improved display quality riding on a relatively new body size. To the upgrades sheet, the battery pack is expected to be improved in both capacity and charging grades with a new 40W wired supercharger plus a 27W wireless version.

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However, the Mate 30 series will once again run on a full Android base as HongMeng will seat in a reservation corner though Huawei officials haven’t confirmed a sideline before the series set-in later this month on September 19th.

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