Huawei mobile injects UGX 250Million to the MTN marathon

Since 2004, MTN’s Kampala Marathon has been a charity event run once a year. Unlike the recent versions of the event, we didn’t expect the marathon this year, until the MTN expo checked in with official dates for the event. Among the sponsors who cashed in support for this year’s event, Stanbic bank, Rwenzori were first on the list, and now Huawei mobile has officially joined the league with a UGX 250 million cash in towards the maternal health run scheduled for late November.

While the 2018 MTN Kampala Marathon is set to take place later this month at the Kololo Independence grounds, with a goal of raising funds towards Maternal Health Care in Uganda. The title sponsors Rwenzori, Stanbic and Huawei Uganda have contributed a joint sum of UGX 650M smushed from UGX 150M,250M,250M respectively.

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Well, as much as the anticipated MTN marathon will be raving up shoulders in a Black Friday season. This year’s marathon will feature regional versions contributing to the same cause of ensuring safe childbirth for expectant mothers. In addition, the managing director of Huawei Uganda inked their stand with support to the yello camp.

“Huawei considers social good in prioritizing business development by looking at enormous needs and considering outreaches that have the greatest impact such as the MTN Marathon. That is why today we are going to hand over our contribution of 250 million Uganda shillings to maternal health through the Marathon. We are sure that with this contribution, Uganda can only be a better place,”  Mr. Liujiawei

Dates for this Year’s MTN Marathon

On Sunday 25th November, Kampala streets will once again witness 45Km,5KM runners crossing major sections of the city with the Yello camp weighed in at the Independence grounds. However, this year’s marathon will have an extra push as compared to the previous 14 years of the same MTN event since we might see a few innovative products unveiled in the charity sport as the telco CMO further commended Huawei for their hand in the 2018 version of this annual event.

Our longstanding work relationship with Huawei has birthed innovative digital solutions which have transformed the digital landscape for Uganda; and has certainly contributed to our vision of delivering a bold new digital world to our customers. With Huawei’s involvement in the MTN Kampala Marathon, we have positively impacted communities from the proceeds raised from the MTN Kampala Marathon. We believe in strength in numbers, and so today it gives us immense pleasure to have Huawei once again join in to ensure that the marathon is a success.

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Even though the MTN marathon has slayed in Kampala for over 14years, the multiple sponsors on this year’s event may impact a closer shot at sporting innovations through the telecom’s trending Momo pay service.

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