The 2018 MTN Expo: Self driving cars, smartphone discounts and more

Its about that time of the year when the Ugandan entertainment scene denotes maximum markups. However, with the 2018 MTN Expo, technology and entertainment shall cross lines as MTN celebrates its 20th birthday in Uganda. Having battled with UCC earlier this year for a license renewal, MTN’s 20 year Expo has checked in at the right time of the year clocking in on 19th October 2018.

Among the key activities that will draw more light to MTN’s future in Uganda, the telecom prepared a hefty pack of futuristic innovations we’ve never seen come true in Uganda. While a driverless 5G enabled car will take lead in portraying the power of the internet. Smartphone discounts and connected homes will have a special slot to showcase in the innovation corner as we learned of the series of activities that will take place during the 3day Expo.

Activities in check for the MTN 20 year Expo

  • The expo will celebrate bits of history including a museum to show the journey of where the MTN brand (in Uganda) has come from
  • There will be a live display of a 5G powered driverless car
  • A special “connected or smart home” – visitors can come and see what homes will look like in the future
  • Massive smartphone discounts including a special FERO phone
  • A special connected, smart cow will have multiple functionalities of how a great cattle herd can be managed
  • Engagements with Robots at the Expo
  • Entertainment ranging from Led displays, performances and fun-filled circus shows

Although the MTN Bosco Ad has always been a virtual play all over the internet and local Tv stations. During the Expo, MTN’s Momo pay ambassador will have a front seat ushering in the betterness in the cashless payments method from Uganda’s Everywhere you go team. Therefore, as we are excited about the upcoming smartphone discounts, tickets are sold at only 5,000/= making it an affordable double for everyone.

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