Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core 4.0 is now available for developers

Huawei spent most of its 2019 round-up battling with the Trump administration over cybersecurity claims. Infact the tech giant has lost valuable IT Equipment supply orders from US affiliated wings over the ban.

But ever since Huawei revealed its Hongmeng/Harmony Operating system project, it has never stopped crafting for Google alternatives and that’s how the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) suite was born as a replacement for Google Mobile Services (GMS)

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Well, the Huawei HMS suite now has a new release Core 4.0 release currently available for developers worldwide. HMS Core is a collection of open-source libraries that allow developers to craft high-quality apps with ease

The Huawei Mobile services core Kit currently grants developers 24 Core kits, 55 services, and 997 APIs that include In-app purchases (IAP), Account Login, Game services, Push notifications, Analytics, Monetization, Maps and Location permissions

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For Huawei Smartphones running Harmony OS, HMS version 4.0 comes as a fresh update that installs basic services like Maps, location, and App security features.

Hence, as open-source developers now have access to the Huawei’s new HMS kit, we could soon see more apps developed or adding support for Harmony OS, a competition stunt that can easily break Google’s domination streak

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