UK comfortable with using Huawei’s network devices for 5G access

United Kingdom (UK) officials have today chose a brighter 5G side of choosing Huawei’s network devices over any other to populate the futuristic internet standards across the country.

Though the Chinese tech giant has had unfixed ties with UK’s close allies, its stand on cybersecurity sounds convincing to UK officials who believe Huawei is one of the best 5G network drivers they can accommodate in the region.

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According to Norman Lamb, who chairs the Science and Technology Committee, the consideration of the ethical and geopolitical status of UK would delay the rollout of 5G in the country since all its allies chose to ditch Huawei and a deep consideration would help accommodate new decisions.

“The Government needs to consider whether the use of Huawei’s technology would jeopardize this country’s ongoing co-operation with our major allies,” said Mr. Lamb.

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United Kingdom (UK) is a members of the “Five Eyes” alliance, consisting of United States (US), Australia, New Zealand and Canada of which US has not fully cleared Huawei off its entity list as its North American counterpart has also delayed its decision on whether to follow its Southern neighbor until elections come to a close.

Athough the UK stand against its allies comes in at a time when SouthAfrica chose its side on 5G roll out in the region. Chairman Norman Lamb insisted that ” Their’s no technological reason to exclude Huawei entirely. As network operators expect that it would delay the rollout of 5G across the UK by tow or three years”

Given the fact that UK’s 4 Major networks rely on Huawei for network support to rollout 5G in the country as per a recent report, It means the country has no option but to sideline with the Chinese giant the same way US cant fully do way with the Tech company.

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