Here is Why USA can’t do away with Huawei

Huawei Mobile was recently sanctioned from dealing with any USA companies and trading its devices in the country over cybersecurity issues that arose from spying allegations. However, a few days back President Donald Trump inked a move to re-accept Huawei back to the U.S, and this is a signal of the company being a core partner in the USA-China trade relations.

After the all of a sudden US sanctions that saw Google block future Huawei devices off its support ladder as Facebook also joined the list of non-Huawei relation companies. The Huawei CEO revealed that the company will prevail no matter the allegations mixed with Sanctions with a new in-house custom operating system branded as HongMeng.

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Hence, with all the US-China drama boiling down to the Huawei veins, we think USA cant do away with Huawei given the fact that it’s a core contributor to the progress of major US Tech companies.

As if that’s not enough, we believe the US-China relations have a Huawei bond between them as the battle between Apple and Samsung would have the Korean brand take a step higher to domination. Nonetheless, here is a short of why we believe Huawei will still be present in the US even with any future sanctions after Trump’s merciful reveal.

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Huawei off the Scene means less Android advancements

Huawei unveiled it’s Hong Meng operating system that was recently trademarked as the company’s official operating system. Well, this operating system is actually a big blow to Android since Facebook replied to the announcement by blocking WhatsApp, Instagram support for HongMeng.

As a matter of fact, Huawei revealed that its a core contributing developing arm of Android and its end of support would somehow affect the open source project. So, since the Android project can’t do away with core supporting arms like Samsung and Huawei, it means a win-win situation for the Chinese brand.

Low Revenue from the Apple Vs Samsung Competions

Revenue is a core component of a country’s GDP, the same way the Government of Uganda decided to tax social media apps and Mobile money as GDP spicer is the same way Huawei increments a revenue note to the US.

Between the Apple Vs Samsung feud stands Huawei’s logo as a middle man competitor spicing up the ” who has the best smartphone craze “. Through this competition, customers tend to ride with a device groomed with better features such as the Mate X that turned out to be a big blow to the Galaxy Fold adding another revenue percentage the U.S economy.

USA Tech Companies would easily die out

Believe it or not, Sanctioning Huawei out of America means no more U.S companies would have access to raw material from China since the Asian wing would carry on the same fate. Among the progressive companies relying on Chinese Tech include Apple and Tesla with the latter already building a car batteries plant in China.

So, Ousting Huawei means Apple would have to fully assemble its parts in the US, Google’s Android project would lose development components from Huawei and other non-shared companies losing out on shipping Chinese Tech for product development.

Henceforth as Huawei steps in back to the United States (US) yard, we don’t see any signs of the red logo company leaving the 1st class grounds ever again since its a core player in the US-China relations, thus ousting it would break the supplemented treaties between the two nations.

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