Heads on with the Made in Uganda Kiira EVS car: What it has to offer

Talk about cars made in Uganda and listen to what Kiira Motors has to offer. The Government funded corporation came to the limelight in 2011 after unveiling their first Made in Uganda Kiira EV POC that uses electricity instead of Gas for full throttle performance. Earlier this year, the company unveiled the Kiira EVS that still trends as the best model ever made in Uganda succeding the EV Smark.

Away from the fact that Kiira Motors doesn’t fully manufacture all the Vehicle parts, the Kiira EVS sparked off a journey that will full production of Vehicles in Uganda pimped with a local tale to performance and terrain performance as announced by the company.

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Luckily, we got a chance to see what the Kiira EVS has to offer with proper sight of both the Interior and Exterior finish of the car. Just like any other kits we’ve had a chance to review, first Impressions of a product add up to our overall thoughts about a piece with our Spark 3 touch leading the latest pike with a notch display to its norm. Nonetheless, here is what the Kiira EVS looks like and what it has to offer.

Kiira EVS Car
The Kiira EVS Interior

First Impressions of the Kiira EVS

By first sight, you can easily think the Kiira EVS is just another Toyota Caldina pimped with a black finish to its exterior. However, the Kiira EVS and front bonnet finish serve an exclusively different touch to the car design. The Electric Vehicle purposes a V shape with metal rolls finishing the layout with a Whale-like formation.

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kiira evs car
The Front view of the Kiira EVS with its Vshaped vertical metal rolls making a statement on the Crested Crane Emblem

As a fact, all Kiira Motors finished cars pose the exclusive V-shape which could be the unique texture added to the Crested crane emblem making all cars stand out loud in a traffic lane. On the other hand, the Kiira EVS is a two-door beast with stretchable driver seats providing a gateway to the dual back seats of the vehicle making it a sport like 4 Seater car on the road.

Either way, the dashboard looks excellent with a brown finish though its automatic gear lever is a disappointment as it seems have been handpicked from an old Toyota make. As if that’s not enough, the car body sounds bulky to its shape as the Interior further appears vintage as compared to 2005 -present vehicles.

But then, one man’s favorite could be another’s negative, So the car interior and electronics appear minimal but could sound great in another driver’s hands.

kiira evs car
The rear view of the proudly made in Uganda Kiira EVS car

Back to its exterior, the car appears like a well-finished dodge once it hits the road. The car rear poses a non-spoiler boot pimped with a reverse camera__automatically triggered in driver R mode. On the other hand, don’t expect an opening roof on the Kiira EVS, but the front V-shaped bumper has a well-ventilated finish inking better AC performance for the car as its 3 LED bulb headlights further make it a beautiful beast on the road.

How much the Kiira EVS costs after production

During the Vehicle launch earlier this year, Kiira Motors revealed that a new Kiira EVS vehicle will cost $35,000 after production. Though only one Kiira EVS has been made so far, the company opened a pre-orders window for anyone willing to buy the proudly made in Uganda and have it delivered once more units are brought to life.

Kiira Evs car by Kiira Motors
The Kiira EV Driver control seat and dashboard

Our Verdict

A Vintage in 2019 is all we can term the Kiira EVS as, the electric vehicle has a perfect finishing, but doesn’t deserve a 100% slot in the modern car generation. Furthermore, $35,000 is way too high for the EV, when compared with cars in the same price range, elegant features and designs are all that leave the imported stall empty and a bulk line of proudly Made in Uganda Kiira EVS. So, we think the price for a vintage like beast it is, deserves a 50% slash to make it a must buy car in Uganda.

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