Here is the Full list of all MYUG free Wi-Fi locations in Uganda

In Uganda, free Wi-Fi hotspots can only be met in specific locations close to major landmarks like Hotels and Bars. However, NITA-U unveiled a series of Wi-Fi hotspots a few years ago with a free norm to subscription and usage. The National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) dubbed the free Wi-Fi service as MYUG available across selected zones in Kampala.

Well, In case you have always searched for a zone you can sniff free internet from, then riding on a free MYUG hotspot could be your ultimate chance to taste unbeatable internet speeds at no cost. With over 284 zones pumping the MYUG SSID out loud, here is the complete list of all locations you need to know for free Wi-Fi access without worrying about any Momo Pay or Airtel Pay approvals thereafter.

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MYUG Free Wi-Fi locations

Nakasero Hospital LtdAkii Bua Road, Kampala
Ministry of Energy and Mineral DevelopmentAmber House, Speke road, Kampala
Unicalo HouseArcher Road, Kololo,Kampala
TOTAL Service Station BakuliBakuli,Namirembe road, Kampala
Disney Nursery & KindergartenBarnabas Road, Kisugu-Namuwongo, Kampala
Total Ben KiwanukaBen Kiwanuka Street, Kampala
Shoal HouseBombo Road, Kampala
Commercial Building Plot 2 Bombo roadBombo Road,Kampala
Commercial Building plot 60-Bombo roadBombo Road,Kampala
Emka HouseBombo Road,Kampla
HemicoBombo Road,Kawempe,Kampala
Old park RoyalBuganda Road,Kampala
Kabira Country Club BBukoto, Kira Road,Kampala
Kabira Country Club ABukoto, Kira Road,Kampala
Tannex ApartmentsBukoto-Kisaasi Road,Kampala
Women’s Hospital Residential apartmentsBukoto-Kisaasi Road,Kampala
Women’s HospitalBukoto-Kisaasi Road,Kampala
Seroma Shoppers Plaza ABuxton Street/Sikh Road Kampala
Seroma Shoppers Plaza BBuxton Street/Sikh Road Kampala
Seroma Shoppers Plaza CBuxton Street/Sikh Road Kampala
Cassia LodgeBuziga road, Buziga,Kampala
Seroma BwaiseBwayise,Bombo Road,Kampala
Uganda Bureau of StandardsBweyogerere, Plot 2-12 Bzpass Link, Industrial Park
Commercial BuildingClement Hill road,Kampala
Commercial Building Plot 1 Clement Hill roadClement Hill road,Kampala
Theater LabonitaColville Street, Kampala
Platinum Tours and travelColville street, Kampala
Pan African HouseColville Street,Kampala
The BistroCooper Road, Kisementi, Kampala
Crane Plaza KisementiCooper Road, Kisementi, Kampala
The cubeCooper Road, Kisementi, Kampala
Commercial Building Plot 5 Dewinton roadDewinton road,Kampala
Crane Bank Abayita AbabiriEntebbe Highway,Abayita Ababiri
TOTAL KajjansiEntebbe Highway,Kajjansi
Kings way Apartments AEntebbe Highway,Kigo
Kings way Apartments BEntebbe Highway,Kigo
Kings way Apartments CEntebbe Highway,Kigo
Sanctum HotelEntebbe Highway,Kitara,Lyamutundwe
Commercial Building KitendeEntebbe Highway,Kitende
TOTAL NajjanakumbiEntebbe Highway,Najjanankumbi
TOTAL Namasuba IIEntebbe Highway,Namasuba
Nabaggereka Hall_Nkumba UniversityEntebbe Highway,Nkumba
School of Sciences_Nkumba UniversityEntebbe Highway,Nkumba
School of Business Administration_Nkumba UniversityEntebbe Highway,Nkumba
Library (Nkumba University)Entebbe Highway,Nkumba
VVIP Section Entebbe AirportEntebbe International Airport
Entebbe Airport-Voyager RestaurantEntebbe International Airport
Entebbe Airport-Departures sectionEntebbe International Airport
Entebbe Airport-Arrivals SectionEntebbe International Airport
Entebbe Airport-Transit AreaEntebbe International Airport
Dynapharm Kamukamu PlayaEntebbe Road, Kampala City
Seroma GoodshadeEntebbe Road,Kampala
Hardware CityEntebbe Road,Kampala City
Total KibuyeEntebbe Road,Kibuye, Kampala
Crane Bank EntebbeEntebbe Town
State House EntebbeEntebbe Town
TOTAL Sevice station EntebbeEntebbe Town
MansonsFactory Close, Ntinda Industrial Area, Kampala
Aga Khan UniversityGadafi Road, Kampala
Tirupati Mazima Mall AGgaba Road,Nsambya, Kampala
Tirupati Mazima Mall BGgaba Road,Nsambya, Kampala
SM ChambersHannington Road(Siad Barre Avenue) Kampala
National Council of Sports Tennis courtsHesketh Bell Road, Lugogo Kampala
National Council of sports Administration BlockHesketh Bell Road,Lugogo, Kampala
TOTAL Service station MukonoJinja Highway,Mukono
TOTAL Mukono HighwayJinja Highway,Mukono
Senate Building Kyambogo UniversityJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Africa HallJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Rack BuildingJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Art and Design DepartmentJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Faculty of scienceJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Kulubya HallJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-North HallJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Mechanical DepartmentJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Main HallJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Kyambogo University-Civil Engineering DepartmentJinja Road- Kyambogo Hill, Kampala
Total Service station BweyogerereJinja Road, Bweyogerere
Luyanzi CollegeJinja Road, Bweyogerere Buto
Uganda Management Institute(UMI)Jinja Road, Kampala City
Commercial Plaza Jinja RoadJinja Road, Kampala City
Victoria UniversityJinja Road, Kampala City
KCCA Lugogo GroundsJinja Road, Kampala City
Commercial Building Plot 10/10A Jinja roadJinja Road, Kampala City
Crane Bank KirekaJinja Road, Kireka
Total KirekaJinja Road, Kireka
URA Head Quaters NakawaJinja Road, Nakawa, Kampala
KCCA Nakawa MarketJinja Road, Nakawa, Kampala
TOTAL NakawaJinja Road, Nakawa,Kampala
TOTAL Service station Seeta IJinja Road, Seeta
Commercial Building-plot 6,Jinja RoadJinja Road,Kampala City
SportsPro Hostel B7Jinja Road,Kyambogo Hill, Banda, Kampala
SportsPro Hostel B10Jinja Road,Kyambogo Hill, Banda, Kampala
SportsPro Hostel B9Jinja Road,Kyambogo Hill, Banda, Kampala
Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI)Jinja Road,Nakawa,Kampala
Management Training and Advisorz centre(MTAC)Jinja Road,Nakawa,Kampala
Total Service station NamanveJinja Road,Namanve
Cyber Tech School BJinja Road,UMA show Grounds- Lugogo, Kampala
Cyber Tech School AJinja Road,UMA show Grounds- Lugogo, Kampala
Uganda Manufacturers Association UMA HallJinja Road,UMA show Grounds- Lugogo, Kampala
Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA)Jinja Road/ Port Bell Road Kampala City
CasablancaJohn Babiha(AcaciaAvenue) Kampala
Nkwanzi courtsJohn Babiiha(Acacia Avenue) Kololo, Kampala
Acacia suitesJohn Babiiha(Acacia Avenue)Kololo, Kampala
Muyenga ApartmentsJonas Lane, Muyenga,Kampala
KCCA Lubaga DivisionKabaka Anjagala road, Lubaga, Kampla
TOTAL KabuusuKabuusu, Rubaga Road,Kampala
Fairway Hotel BKafu Road, Kampala
Fairway Hotel AKafu Road, Kampala
Ntinda Forest HotelKakungulu/martyrs Road Ntinda, Kampala
Total KalerweKalerwe, Gayaza Road,Kampala
Mukansa HouseKampala
New park RoyalKampala Road, Kampala City
Kampala BoulevardKampala Road, Kampala City
Crane ChambersKampala Road, Kampala City
Posta Uganda_K’la RoadKampala Road, Kampala City
TOTAL City CenterKampala Road, Kampala City
Crown HouseKampala Road, Kampala City
International University of East AfricaKansanga, Ggaba Road, Kampala
Seroma KansangaKansanga, Ggaba Road, Kampala
Total Gayaza RoadKasangati, Gayaya Road
TOTAL KasangatiKasangati, Gayaya Road
KCCA Usafi marketKatwe Road, Kampala
Total KatweKatwe Road, Kampala
Neptune PlazaKatwe, Usafi Road, Kampala
KCCA Kawempe Division officesKawempe,off Bombo Road, Kampala
Total KibuliKibuli Road, Kampala
Kabatangaare apartmentsKigobe Road, Kampala
TOTAL Bwaise KikoniKikoni, Sir Appolo Kaggwa Road,Kampala
KCCA City HallKimathi Avenue, Kampala
Olympia Hostel AKimera Road, Kikoni, Makerere, Kampala
Olympia Hostel BKimera Road, Kikoni, Makerere, Kampala
Ministry of Education & Sports _Embassy HouseKing George VI Way,Kampala
URA Crested TowersKintu Road, Kampala
CrocsKirombe-Butabika Road,Kampala
KCCA Kiruddu Hospital Administration BlockKiruddu, Buziga Hill, Kampala
KCCA Kiruddu Hospital security houseKiruddu, Buziga Hill, Kampala
Al QudusKisenyi,Mengo Road,Kampala
KCCA Kisenyi Health center AKisenyi,Mwanga II Road, Kampala
Golf ClubKitante Road-John Babiiha Avenue,Kampala
Sunset apartments block LKiwatule, Kampala
Sunset apartments block KKiwatule, Kampala
Sunset apartments block AKiwatule, Kampala
Sunset apartments block CKiwatule, Kampala
Sunset apartments block EKiwatule, Kampala
Sunset apartments block IKiwatule, Kampala
Sunset apartments block GKiwatule, Kampala
Summit View ApartmentsKololo Hill, Kampala
Kololo Airstrip AKololo Hill, Kampala
Kololo Airstrip BKololo Hill, Kampala
Kololo Airstrip CKololo Hill, Kampala
Crane Bank KyengeraKyengera, Masaka Road
Total KyengeraKyengera, Masaka Road
LDC CourtLDC-Gadafi Road,Kampala
Ministry of public serviceLourdel Road, Wandegeya,Kampala
Ministry of HealthLourdel Road, Wandegeza,Kampala
TOTAL Lubiri HillLubiri Hill, Kampala
Uganda Wild life education Center(UWEC) RestaurantLugard Avenue, Entebbe
Kyadondo Rugby ClubLugogo, Jinja Road
Village Mall Bugolobi ALuthuli Avenue, Bugolobi, Kampala
Village Mall Bugolobi BLuthuli Avenue, Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats Block 1Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 3Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 5Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 9Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 19Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 21Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 23Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bugolobi flats block 7Luthuli Rise ,Bugolobi, Kampala
Bamboo NestLuthuli Rise, Bugolobi, Kampala
Holiday Express HotelLuwum Street ,Kampala
City Center ComplexLuwum Street kampala
Eagle PlazaLuwum Street, Kampala
Royal PlazaLuwum Street, Kampala
Commercial Building Plot 21 Luwum streetLuwum street,Kampala
Seroma Blessed ApartmentsLuyira,Butabika Road, Kampala
Lakeside DriveLuzira,Kampala
Douglas Villa HostelMakerere,Nanfubambi Road,Kampala
Kibuka Mixed Primary SchoolMasitoowa, Nansana, Hoima Road
Corner House AMawanda Road, Kampala
Corner House BMawanda Road, Kampala
Seroma KiwatuleMbogo1, Kiwatule-Kira road, Kampala
KCCA Makindye DivisionMobutu Road,Makindye,Kampala
Makindye Country ClubMobutu Road,Makindye,Kampala
WILLS LTDMovit Road,Nzanama,Kampala
Bukoto Heights ApartmentsMoyo Cl, Off Old Kira Road,Kampala
Kampala Internationa School(KISU)Moyo Cl, Off Old Kira Road,Kampala
Dental Clinic Mulago HospitalMulago Hill, Off Kira road, Kampala
Assessment Block Mulago HospitalMulago Hill, Off Kira road, Kampala
Rodney Mulago HospitalMulago Hill, Off Kira road, Kampala
Jellife paediatrics Mulago HospitalMulago Hill, Off Kira road, Kampala
Commercial Building MutungoMutungo, Ring Road,Kampala
Mutungo VillasMutungo,Tank Hill Road,Kampala
Naguru ApartmentsNagulu Close,Kampala
ResidenceNagulu Drive, Kampala
Kampala Parents School ANagulu Drive, Kampala
Ministry of Education & Sports_Legacy Towers)Nakasero, Kyadondo Road,Kampala
Commercial BuildingNakivubo place,Kampala
Guranty Trust Bank(GTB) Nakivubo ANakivubo Road, Kampala
Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB) Nakivubo ANakivubo Road, Kampala
Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB) Nakivubo BNakivubo Road, Kampala
Total Nakivubo ANakivubo road, Kampala
Total Nakivubo BNakivubo road, Kampala
Nalukolongo Bakateyamba HomeNalukolongo, Kampala
Commercial Building Plot 22 Namirembe roadNamirembe road,Kampala
Namugongo Anglican shrineNamugongo-Sonde Road, Kira municipality
P HouseNasser Road,Kampala
Seroma NateeteNateete,Masaka Road,Kampala
TOTAL NateeteNateete,Masaka Road,Kampala
Crane Bank NdeebaNdeeba, Old Masaka Road
TOTAL Horizon NdeebaNdeeba, Old Masaka Road,Kampala
Ndejje UniversityNdejje Hill,Luweero
Akamwesi HostelNew Port Bell road, Bunyonyi Drive, Kampala
Makerere Universitz Business School(MUBS) Admin BlockNew PortBell Road, Kampla
MUBS LibraryNew PortBell Road, Kampla
MUBS Block 3New PortBell Road, Kampla
UAP Nakawa Business Pak Block ANew portbell road, Nakawa, Kampala
UAP Nakawa Business Pak Block DNew portbell road, Nakawa, Kampala
UAP Nakawa Business Pak CAFENew portbell road, Nakawa, Kampala
Uganda Broadcasting Coorporation (UBC)Nile Avenue, Kampala
Commercial Building Plot 41 Nkrumah RoadNkrumah Road,Kampala
Musana HouseNkrumah Road,Kampala
TOTAL NsambyaNsambya, Ggaba Road, Kampala
Crane Bank NtindaNtinda Center, Kampala
Total Service station Ntinda INtinda, Kampala
Total Service station Ntinda IINtinda, Kampala
Musana PlazaNtinda-Kisaasi Road Kampala
Crest FoamNtinda-Nakawa Road Kampala
KCCA Nakawa DivisionNtinda-Nakawa road, Kampala
URA Old KampalaOld Kampala Road,Kampala
Kasese Nail & Wood IndustryOld Maska Road,Ndeeba
Jubilee HouseParliament Avenue,Kampala
Jumbo plazaParliamentary Avenue,Kampala
Life Mate FurniturePioneer house, 28 Jinja Road Pioneer, Kampala
SemilikiPort Bell Road, Kampala
TOTAL LuziraPort Bell Road, Luzira,Kampala
Uganda Institute of ICT (UICT)Port Bell Road, Nakawa, Kampala
Uganda Institute of ICT(UICT) HostelPort Bell Road, Nakawa, Kampala
Silver springs HotelPort Bell Road,Kampala
Total KitintalePort Bell Road,Kitintale, Kampala
TOTAL Port Bell RoadPort Bell Road ,Kampala
Ministry of Water and Environment (Port Bell)PortBell Road, Luzira,Kampla
Emma High SchoolPot 473, Bahai Road, Kampala
Fire MastersPrince Badru Kakungulu Road, Kampala
Dolphin SuitesPrincess Ann Drive, Bugolobi, Kampala
Elizabeth ApartmentsRidgeway Drive,Kampala
Mirembe ArcadeRosebury-Nasser Road Kampala
URA Training SchoolRotary Avenue( Lugogo Bypass), Kampala
Rubaga CatherdralRubaga Hill Kampala
Sojovalo HotelRubaga Road,Kampala
Numak ComplexRubaga Road,Kampala
Rwenzo-GreenSemawata Place, Kimera Road, Ntinda
NFT MawazoSemiliki Road, Makerere Kivvulu,Kampala
Crown PharmaceuticalsSeventh street, Industrial area
KCCA Employment BureauSezibwa Road,Nakasero,Kampala
Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Develop’t (MoGLSD)Simbamazo House, George Street, Kampala
TOTAL MengoSir Albert Cook Road, Mengo, Kampala
Frama HostelSir Appolo Kaggwa Road,Kampala
Tile centerSisth Street, Industrial area,Kampala
Crane Bank (Premiere Commodities)Sixth Street, Industrial Area, Kampala
Speke ApartmentsSpeke Road,Kampala
Speke Hotel BSpeke Road,Kampala
Speke Hotel ASpeke Road,Kampala
Legends ClubSports Lane, Lugogo-Naguru
GuardianSpring Road, Bugolobi, Kampala
International Health sciences University(IHSU)St.Barnabas Road, Namuwongo,Kampala
International Health sciences University(IHSU)St.Barnabas Road, Namuwongo,Kampala
City Panorama HotelTank Hill Road, Muyenga,Kampala
Muyenga HotelTankHill Roae,Muzenga,Kampala
High CourtThe square, Kampala
Hotel AfricanaWampeewo Avenue, Kampala
KCCA Wandegeya Market Southern WingWandegeya, Kampala
City HouseWilliam Street, Kampala
Commercial Building plot 5 william StreetWilliam Street,Kampala
New Diplomate HotelWilliam Street,Kampala
Commercial BuildingWilliam Street,Kampala
Total Arua ParkWillson Road, Kampala
Atmosphere LoungeWindow Crescent, Kampala
No. 9Yusuf Lule Road,Kampala
Property Services HeadquatersYusuf Lule Road,Kampala
MOGASYusuf Lule Road,Kampala
Postel Building (office of Prime Minister)Yusuf Lule Road,Kampala
MYUG Free Wifi locations in uganda

Though the question of full 4G internet access came to a close when Airtel widened its coverage map with other telcos also following the path. The query of free Wi-Fi is still drizzling in the veins of netizens with only MYUG hotspots pumping the no-cost feel in areas close the coverage zones.

More so, for the fact that NITA’s free service is limited to specific landmarks with most areas in Kampala having no feel of the hotspots but instead the central business district occupying the iced share of the cake. It becomes factual that free Wi-Fi in Uganda still has posses low demand as the roadblock towards a 100% achievement.

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Hence, with Rokespot broadcasting in some areas like Mbarara where MYUG has not tasted the milky winds, the question of free Wi-Fi access might have new solutions in the near future only if the demand rises up to meet the required standards even with NITA already providing free access to every citizen.

All in all, whenever you bump into any MYUG zone, simply connect to the hotspot for free access by registering your email ID and keeping in line with the surfing hours capped to the service. As a matter of fact, MYUG is one of the best hotspots you can ride with for cheetah speeds, and connecting to one saves you from the burden of spending a 200/= OTT tax coin.

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